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5 Ways To Get Offline Fans For Facebook And Instagram

Why are so many companies and service providers trying to build the largest possible community on Facebook or Instagram? You want to retain existing customers and gain new customers. You would like to collect these people in your community and thus be able to address them again and again with news and products. In such a community, there is fun in communication and new business.

Loyal fans don’t just come by themselves. Not even if you have built an incredibly chic Facebook page or a great Instagram profile. With these 5 tips, we will show you how you can easily win new fans for a small business through advertisements and offline.

Choose The Right Speech

The right approach is critical if you want to convince customers or potential prospects to become fans or Instagram followers. Let’s take two examples: The first variant is straightforward and exclusively related to the company. It offers no real added value for the reader and, therefore, animate far fewer people to become fans. The second variant deviates from the brand and offers the reader clear added value, coupled with an offer of help. 

In this example, the company’s competence in a specific area is even underlined. Significantly more people will follow your call and become fans of your site. No matter what you do on social media networks. At first glance, it should never be about you, but always about the people you want to address. If you implement this basic rule, it will also pay off for you in the medium term.

The Right Preparation

If you want to draw attention to your Facebook page or your Instagram account offline, you should make sure that the names of these accounts are meaningful. What we have come across exceptionally often about Facebook pages are incredibly long Facebook page names or URLs that even a mastermind could not remember. So before you start promoting your social media accounts offline, you should make sure your account names and URLs are as short as humanly possible. 

This looks better on all advertising media on which the URLs are printed and significantly increases the recognition value. Don’t worry if I’ve caught you with an extremely long, meaningless Facebook page name. You can change the name at any time. In my article ” Change Facebook page name “, We describe exactly how the change works quickly and without complications.

Provide Local Incentives

You can gain new fans with Facebook ads. Facebook provides you with a particular ad format called Page Like Ad. But the problem lies in the price. Up to approx. 2.50 euros (sometimes even more) we as a fan can be charged. Not an option, especially for small budgets. Pepsi thought similarly a few years ago and gave people a Pepsi in a very creative way if you become a fan of the Facebook page.

The idea is super simple. Special vending machines spit out a fresh, ice-cold can of Pepsi as soon as someone becomes a fan of the Pepsi Facebook page. In this way, thousands of fans were generated – each for the price of a can of Pepsi. You don’t have to build a vending machine that spits out soft drinks, but you can easily apply the principle to your own business.

The Following Example Of An Imaginary Flower Shop

Each customer receives miniature cyclamen in a pot at checkout and links to the flower shop’s Facebook page. As a rule, customers are happy about the unexpected gift and are slightly under psychological pressure. You just received a gift and didn’t want to be rude. Accordingly, a large proportion of customers also become Facebook fans.

Compared to the 2.50 euros described above for a fan won through Facebook ads, the purchase price for cyclamen is only around 45 cents. Cheap for a lover, right? Of course, you can also approach this method a little more aggressively by offering the customer cyclamen if they become a Facebook fan right away.

Use Daily Correspondence

Every day small businesses and freelancers have to deal with some correspondence. Whether it’s invoices that need to be written or daily email correspondence with customers. Every piece of writing and every email sent is also an optimal advertising medium for your social media accounts.

On Invoices, For Example, B. Integrate The Following Sentence

Were you satisfied?  Attention can also be drawn to the Facebook page or Instagram profile on the back of business cards or in an email signature.

Run An In-Store Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes are still a great way to attract new fans and generate content. Rather than simply running sweepstakes entirely on Facebook or Instagram, we recommend using your business to do so. Have customers take a picture of something in the store to post on your Facebook page. The most beautiful view is selected by a jury and wins.


Whoever takes the most beautiful picture in front of your shop window within a certain period and posts it on your Facebook page wins a spectacular gift basket. This method has several advantages for you. People become fans because they want to participate in their image.

At the same time, they post pictures of themselves with your business in the background. The Facebook mechanism helps your friends see this on Facebook simultaneously and thus become aware of you. In addition, only pictures with a positive attitude are posted because this increases the perceived chance of winning.

Deploy A Connected Counter

A connected counter is a small display set up directly in the store. The counter shows (depending on your preference) the current number of Facebook fans or Instagram followers. The highlight: if a customer becomes a fan directly on site, the counter display scrolls directly to the new number of fans. 

What sounds unspectacular is demonstrably very successful. The unusual counter makes customers curious and encourages them to try out the mechanics. The result is climbing fan numbers. An example of such a social media counter is Smiirl, a provider that has been in business for 5 years and builds visually appealing devices.


There are tons of ways you can get fans offline. A little creativity and lots of references to your company profiles and your community will grow continuously. However, it is essential to stay on the ball. Social media marketing is a real opportunity for small companies to achieve extensive reach with a small budget.


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