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AI In E- Commerce: Many Advantages To Consider

Considering that 97% of websites are inaccessible to the most fragile categories, AI in eCommerce would significantly improve their customer experience. There is a lot of talk about the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in various sectors (marketing, pharmaceuticals, finance) and the resulting benefits. But has the use of AI in eCommerce ever been considered? Indeed the advantages would be many. First of all, the strengthening of eCommerce and logistics processes.

AI is quickly establishing itself as the cutting-edge technology capable of automating and improving production processes, making “human” work more efficient. Although there are numerous open debates on the subject, in particular, due to the risk that some professions may disappear under the weight of AI and that the human factor may be overshadowed, there is no doubt that this technology is already part of our present. In our country, the artificial intelligence market in 2021 grew by + 27%, reaching 380 million euros.

AI In E- Commerce: Packlink Trends

Accessibility of e-commerce for the disabled interesting element of AI in eCommerce is undoubtedly the focus on accessibility and digital inclusion from a linguistic and operational point of view for people with disabilities. Let’s think that 97% of websites in our country are inaccessible to people with disabilities. We realize how much this tool could improve the customer experience of some more fragile categories, allowing the translation and transcription of videos and speech into written form, virtual assistance in the shopping experience, personalization and product recommendations, vocal summaries of content, and more.

Fight Against Fake Online Reviews

Many entrepreneurs in the e-commerce sector and numerous consumers in the online purchasing process have come across online product reviews. Unfortunately, the latter is not always true, generating the so-called “fake storms” that we usually encounter in the information landscape. Through AI in eCommerce, this problem could be solved by verifying fake customer reviews and optimizing the purchasing process.

Simplification Of Logistics Processes

Undoubtedly, even within the logistics sector, AI is developing due to its ability to simplify sorting and control processes within warehouses, operations that significantly impact optimizing times and costs for retailers. Furthermore, through artificial intelligence, companies can anticipate interruptions in supply chains, purchasing trends, and monitoring processes, improving the customer experience.

Voice Shopping – Voice E- Commerce

The power of voice continues to grow, webcasts and voice bits of knowledge are rising, and, surprisingly, the web-based business industry is developing through specialists. The innovation, given artificial brain power, determines how to customize customer content with item suggestions founded on past buys and a virtual voice colleague that dynamizes the shopping experience through voice visits and voice partners. Voice help addresses the future if purchasers are progressively mindful of the shopping experience as opposed to only the item or administration itself.

Birth Of A New Professional Figure: The AI ​​​​Operator In E- Commerce

The human factor, its elemental soul, and its ability to think and feel are what many accept can’t be supplanted by simulated intelligence, addressing that additional something that will permit artificial intelligence to incorporate and improve human work. In such a manner, with the improvement of this innovation later on, another expert figure called “Simulated intelligence administrator,” a Man-made reasoning administrator, is being conceived, fit for executing this innovation through their abilities. 

The fields of most huge advancement of this new expert figure are email showcasing, visual depiction, and market investigation. Along these lines, there is a duality and complementarity between man and innovation: one aids the other in enhancing processes. For this situation, man makes computerized reasoning “proficient” at the most significant level.

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