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Best Podcast Recording Programs

Before publishing a podcast and making it heard by the whole world, you need to dedicate yourself to recording: here is the best software to create professional podcasts. Among the forms of communication and dissemination that are increasingly appreciated by the general public, the podcast cannot be missing. To create a podcast professionally, you need several tools that help you record, edit and broadcast episodes. 

The first step requires a lot of attention to avoid making a mistake in choosing the best podcast recording software. There are many software and programs to choose from but to be able to juggle the best. You need to know the main differences between them. For example, you can start from the operating system. Many software created for podcast editing work on macOS and Windows, but others are only available for Apple devices. Here is a short guide on the best programs to record a podcast, both free and paid.


Spreaker is a podcast platform that permits podcasters to bring in cash from promoting right all along. This is an extraordinary method for beginning and developing for those beginning their webcast venture. Because of the Spreaker Studio application, clients can make and communicate their digital broadcasts rapidly and effectively, involving all of the fundamental instruments for recording and distributing episodes.


Audacity is a free cross-platform audio editor. It is most frequently utilized for digital broadcasts because of its vital elements. One of the opposing viewpoints and principal obstructions that a fledgling to the program must confront is the underlying trouble of utilizing the program, which isn’t relatively the most straightforward.

Dauntless’ most significant highlights incorporate Sync-Lock, Truncate Silence, Silence Finder, and Silence. Clients can likewise utilize different choices like savable EQ, blur choices, import, send out, alter and save impact chains. Dauntlessness is consistently refreshed and works with every one of the most recent renditions of macOS and Windows.


GarageBand is a DAW that is a digital audio workstation, free for all users who intend to work on a Mac. This software is a magnificent decision for experienced podcasters and the people who have, as of late, chosen to take a stab at this new type of correspondence and are tenderfoots. GarageBand is intended for the Mac and permits hopeful podcasters to chip away at the musical piece of its excellent substance. 

Clients can make separate tracks for the music without much of a stretch and apply impacts, for example, blurring in and out on a case-by-case basis, moving them, changing levels, and giving them a name. You can empower different modules to get to apparatuses for each track, including pressure, commotion door, adjuster, and numerous others. This large number of highlights may be enough for amateurs to alter their web recordings better.


Once you’ve recorded and edited your podcast episode, you need a place to put it so you can turn it into an official podcast. One of the best podcast hosts is Buzzsprout. The program has a natural and straightforward-to-utilize stage. Buzzsprout likewise flaunts a few extra sharing highlights that permit clients to save time. The application empowers you to have, advance, and track your digital recording. Among the most intriguing elements is Magic Mastering, a characteristic channel like those of Instagram yet intended for recordings. On account of trend-setting innovations, clients can naturally work on their records and streamline them.


Alitu are the perfect choice for those who want to make their podcasting process as easy as possible. Because of this product, clients can naturally upgrade sound records, add introductions and consequently post to Buzzsprout, Podbean, Libsyn, and numerous other facilitating stages. On his site, Alitu vows to make the digital recording altering and distributing process a limit of 15 minutes. Even clients with little information in this area can make a productive digital recording through the drag-drop interface. In one application, the podcaster can handle everything from recording to distributing, including taking webcast episodes.

Apple Logic Pro X

Logic Pro is a program that allows podcasters to produce music and do audio editing. We suggest this product’s fundamental explanation is that the point of interaction matches GarageBand and is extremely simple to refresh. You can likewise open GarageBand records in Logic Pro without experiencing any issues. Clients who need it should empower the high-level devices to get the full suite with every one of the standard elements. The chance of associating with the Logic Remote application for iPhone or iPad is likewise helpful and refreshing. The product makes someone-memories worth around $ 200.

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition started as Cool Edit Pro before Adobe purchased it in 2003. It is currently essential for the Creative Cloud suite, so if you now have a membership to the whole suite, odds are you know this program. For individuals who don’t have the Adobe suite, it can likewise be bought independently through a blend for $ 20 monthly. It is intended for creating and altering webcasts and has many high-level devices. 

One of its best elements is bunch handling, because of which you can apply various impacts to a document, save it and yet again use similar channels to a group of different records. This saves a great deal of time while working with a vast sum. If you are not yet acquainted with the product, you can get to numerous web-based instructional exercises to assist you with understanding where to begin altering the digital recording.

Hindenburg Journalist

Hindenburg has several audio editing programs, starting with Journalist, its first entry-level offering, priced at $ 95. The program is designed for podcasters and radio broadcasters with a high production value. If you have a lot of clips or interviews to combine to create a single episode, this is a great choice. Users can juggle automated levels, volume options, EQ, and a dedicated clipboard function to stay organized within the program. The software also integrates with some podcast hosting providers, making video editing and publishing easier.


Zencastr is a web service that allows you to record interviews for podcasts professionally as if you were working in a studio. The connection point is natural and interestingly allows those involving the program to chip away at it without having many issues. When you sign in, you will see the recording board and an impact console that can be altered to suit your requirements.

The meeting is recorded in basically the same manner as how Skype is utilized, with the capacity to speak with visitors through a talk. You can utilize the free rendition, which permits you to have MP3 sound records and a limit of two visitors, while if you need to use every one of the extra elements, the cost is $ 20 every month.


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