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BI Hosting With Important Features For BI Systems

The management of BI applications for companies poses greater challenges to internal IT and BI service providers than ever. Topics such as security, technological developments, protection with firewalls and SSL certificates, and optimizing cost management for the installation and administration of BI applications play an important role here. At the same time, customers want to save costs and, above all, time through outsourcing. This article will find out how you can meet these challenges and how we can support you.


More and more small and medium-sized companies are outsourcing their IT. On the one hand, they want to save costs, and on the other hand, they want to concentrate on the essential aspects of their work. As a BI full-service provider, we solve numerous challenges for you. We cooperate with partner companies such as Microsoft Business Intelligence with Azure or Microsoft Power BI as a full-service provider. With the existing technologies, we prevent failures of data management processes (ETL) or slow loading speeds of a report. Both lead to user dissatisfaction, who then look for other solutions.

Another way to stand up to the competition is to use hosting products that make it much easier to manage customer applications. Power BI is one of those very user-friendly and secure solutions. This saves you time and money because Power BI makes your work easier. And via Azure, more than 100 other applications can be easily integrated and managed with just a few clicks. Many tasks, such as backups, downloading files, or securing your application, can run automatically in the background.

Make BI Systems More Secure

The requirements for the security of BI systems are constantly increasing. Malware, hacker attacks, spam, or insufficient data protection can get companies into serious financial and legal difficulties. These include, above all, those of medium-sized companies. As a BI full-service provider, we know how our customers’ systems are designed to be secure. An important part of these measures is regular updates, powerful firewalls, and the control of access permissions.

Efficient Cost Management

Efficient processes and simple website administration play an important role in counteracting the cost factor. As a BI service provider, we take on the task of continuously monitoring and maintaining our customers’ systems so that they function smoothly. Some of these tasks can be automated with Powershell jobs, for example. In addition, a structured configuration tool such as Azure can significantly relieve your workload.

Top Features In PowerBI

PowerBI is one of the best-known frontends in the business intelligence market, with which all aspects of a BI application can be served. The graphical user interface makes it easy to operate and control. As a BI service provider, we can use it to support our customers’ BI applications and platforms or allow your customers to make changes themselves using the tool.

Get The Right Insights With Self-Service

Equip everyone in your organization, from business analysts to BI professionals to business customers, with powerful self-service analytics and BI tools to make faster, more informed decisions. Pin the most relevant content, use the Power BI mobile app, and embed reports in collaboration tools (such as Microsoft SharePoint) to make informed decisions based on the data.

Visualize Data

Prepare and model data with ease using built-in automation and intelligent methods. Visualize your data with hundreds of data visualizations, AI-powered features, and options so users can get the most out of the reports. Share results with team members inside and outside your organization so everyone can use the same information.

Gain Insights Quickly

Use functions to search data generated in other systems and applications that you use every day. You can get started quickly. Use standard library and data connectors to access many cloud systems and local sources such as Excel, SharePoint, SQL databases, SAP, Dynamics 365, Salesforce, etc.

Security Of Your Data

Business intelligence systems use valuable business data and require strict security and data protection functions. Functions in SQL databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, in the PowerBI Portal, or Azure help protect business intelligence data and prevent data misuse or loss. Protect your data better and use the applicable compatibility standards and certifications (e.g., GDPR/ GDPR). Use on-premise systems or national clouds to meet local regulations for service delivery, data residency, and access and control.

Meet The Challenges In Business Intelligence By Hosting Your BI Systems

Security, efficient processes, powerful technologies, and good value for money – these are the challenges that operators of BI applications have to face. PowerBI, one of the main products of the Business Intelligence world, is a user-friendly tool with which most challenges can be met and the BI applications of small and medium-sized companies can be easily built and managed. Numerous built-in features and optional add-ons offer plenty of scope for design so that we, as your BI service provider, can define the optimal approach for our customers.

Conclusion: BI Hosting Saves Your Resources

All features presented are part of a solution concept to modernize a BI application and operate it together with a BI service provider. Suppose you use the right architecture and implement the building blocks mentioned. In that case, the company acts efficiently and cost-consciously and at the same time has the opportunity to draw maximum benefit from the existing data.


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