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BigQuery Omni Is Now Also On AWS And Azure

The tool simplifies data analysis for companies that have chosen a multi-cloud solution. Google Cloud recently announced that BigQuery Omni is also operational on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure platforms. An answer was made to address the issues of the many organizations that have zeroed in on the multicloud technique, which by its tendency, suggests more mind-boggling information to the executives.

Depending on various cloud suppliers could create a storehouse structure that makes it harder to break down. The framework introduced by Google Cloud makes it conceivable to separate these storehouses because, interestingly, it offers the chance to question and dissect data sets on Google Cloud Stage, AWS and Sky blue, all the while from a solitary point of interaction.

How BigQuery Omni Works

Thanks to BigQuery Omni, therefore, developers and analysts will be able to send queries to the main cloud services through the standard and familiar BigQuery SQL interface , and share the results from a single control panel. How does it work? There is no need to physically move data to BigQuery storage, as it is processed where it already is, running the Google query engine directly on other clouds.

One Tool Has Many Advantages

It is a tool that looks to the future as companies increasingly fragment their data across different cloud platforms for strategic or financial reasons. BigQuery Omni introduces itself as the ideal framework to defeat the obstructions that get from this methodology, to remove data and worth from cross-cloud information in a more viable, straightforward and quick way, no matter what their area and without the need to move them starting with one stage then onto the next. ‘other. Whether it’s a multi-cloud or essentially a divided cloud, the Google Cloud arrangement is useful to this new truth of purpose in a few regards:

  1. Extracting value from data, providing an innovative method of analysis that creates integration between cloud platforms.
  2. Use multi cloud seamlessly , thanks to a single point of management for all data stores. This allows analysts to enhance their business support without learning new skills or worrying about where the data is stored.
  3. Provide uniform security models, which are fundamental for companies in terms of scalability and data granularity.
  4. Ensuring Data Quality : A multi cloud strategy is only worthwhile if the end user has the data they need to decide. Multiple copies, inconsistent or out-of-date data lead to analyst errors.

Meet The Needs Of Customers Who Choose Multi-Cloud

What changes is that the user launches a single SQL query from the control plane – the same user interface – to simultaneously query the data hosted in several clouds. There wouldn’t even be any need to convert them since Omni supports Avro, CSV, ORC and Parquet formats. However, it will be necessary to consider configuring the IAM roles to support communications between clouds.

Innovate In Order Not To Be Surpassed

Using BigQuery Omni therefore means exploiting the full potential of your data and obtaining value for the business . To obtain a competitive advantage today more than ever, it is necessary to adopt an approach aimed at integrating the insights from company information into daily processes and decisions. This tool is a must-have on the road to becoming an insight-driven company. With extensive experience in cloud transformation and data management projects in major Indian and international companies, he represents the ideal partner to accompany you in the process of adopting this and other business solutions, both from a technical and a strategic point of view. 

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