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Collaboration Tools As The Key To Team Success

The world of work is in transition. With the breaking up of conservative, hierarchical structures and the development of New York, new work processes are emerging in which teamwork plays an important role. For this reason, collaboration programs are becoming increasingly popular among companies. Good coordination and communication, among each other, are crucial when several employees work together on a project.

Successful project management in a changing world of work requires a new – i.e., agile and collaborative – way of working together. To achieve the best possible result and thus the highest productivity in the team, specific requirements must be met:

  1. ideal distribution of tasks
  2. the functioning exchange between employees
  3. free disposal of funds and information
  4. timely communication about changes in the work process

The New World Of Work Causes Dynamic Work

More Productivity Through Agile Working Methods

Added to this is the development that more and more companies are using agile working methods to be more efficient and flexible because companies have to develop and react to new technologies constantly. The current requirement of teams and teams is Light-footed, flexible, dynamic – and only with the necessary amount of bureaucracy. As a result, new and agile tools are also required for project management that do justice to the new way of working, e.g., as ideal software for home offices.

Profitable Collaboration By Interdisciplinary Teams

Classic patterns – the supervisor assigns tasks. The employees process them – are occurring less and less. “Experts” in different areas work in a team and are responsible for their jobs—this type of collaboration in project management results in a completely different working dynamic.

Classic Methods

  1. Precise requirements at the beginning
  2. High cost of change
  3. Rigid management process
  4. Large teams possible
  5. clear hierarchy
  6. specialists in the team
  7. Distributed team working on several projects
  8. Communication about documents and meetings
  9. Allocation of tasks from above
  10. Effort estimate by a project manager

Agile Methods

  1. Unclear requirements at the beginning
  2. Planning for possible changes
  3. Ongoing process improvement
  4. Small teams needed
  5. self-organized teams
  6. shared responsibility
  7. Team common focus on one project
  8. Informal communication and stand-up meetings
  9. Independent takeover of projects
  10. Effort estimation by teams

Social Software For Agile Working

Organizing projects, optimizing processes, and working agile – in this context, collaboration tools can be practical tools, especially for project management and team organization. Especially as the number of participants increases, it can quickly become lost when managing different teams and meeting deadlines. In this case, collaboration software is ideally suited as a communication tool. Software specially developed for such a need optimizes the workflow in the long term. Collaboration tools, therefore, form a basis for agile working and thus offer concrete advantages for companies :

  1. Coordination and optimization of work processes
  2. Time and cost savings
  3. Cross-network, location-independent, and flexible work (virtual teamwork)
  4. Real-time collaboration

GDPR With A Clear Impact On Tool Usage

At the latest, with the outbreak of the corona pandemic in the spring of 2021, the working world has opened up more and more to collaboration software of various kinds – from chats to project management. One of the essential criteria for this is data protection. But especially with spontaneous purchases “from the gut” because they had to be done quickly in the home office, the data protection officer often looks at it with concern at a certain distance.

In 2021, a representative survey showed that more than 20% of the companies surveyed could only use some collaboration software to a limited extent or not at all because the GDPR restricted them. Accordingly, the issue of data protection and GDPR compliance should be considered when making a choice. Not only does the acceptance of the tools suffer from limited use, but the costs also remain constant, independent of actual usability.

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