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Combine Influencer Marketing & SEO: Tips For Long-Term Success

Influencer marketing has firmly established itself in the marketing departments of companies. Entrepreneurs regularly look for influencers to support them in their sales goals. Whether beauty, fashion, lifestyle, or fintech influencers: companies depend on social media stars to increase their reach, sales, and brand awareness. The combination of influencer marketing and search engine optimization creates many advantages for companies. Decision-makers benefit from a variety of synergies that lead to cost optimization.

How Can Influencer Marketing & SEO Be Combined Effectively?

Companies can commission influencers to create content for social media and their website. This offers companies a great advantage. You can negotiate package prices with influencers that cover both marketing measures. Influencers link to the brand in the story and blog post. This has positive effects on SEO and sales measures. The exact process then looks like this:

  1. The fashion influencer Hanna first publishes a test report on her blog. It links to the company’s product page.
  2. In the next step, she presents the product to her Instagram followers in an honest review with all the advantages and disadvantages. Many followers have already read her blog after a few days.

The initial starting point for the product is positive. Many followers are already convinced when the influencer introduces the product into the story. This can lead to higher sales compared to “standard” influencer campaigns. The followers deal more intensively with the product. Furthermore, trust in the brand increases. The social media star didn’t ignite a one-off promotional rocket. No, she presented the product several times.

Influencer Marketing: Links, Placements, Formats

SEO managers chase after one do-follow link after another. When you think of social media platforms, disillusionment quickly sets in. No-follow links hardly arouse the interest of professionals. These links bring advantages to them. These include:

  1. a natural link profile,
  2. an increase in brand awareness,
  3. quality website visitors with a low bounce rate
  4. more links as users become aware of your website.

You can find no-follow links in every position on social media. Whether as a comment under a post, in a story, or a profile: there are numerous ways to link to websites in social media.

7 Tactics To Combine SEO & Influencers

Are you full of energy, and would you like to start linking the marketing disciplines finally? Then there is still one question for decision-makers: What tactics are available to achieve more links in the long term? The following paragraphs overview how you can increase your referral domains through influencers and get more attention.

Invite Influencers To Be Active On Your Website

There are many ways to collaborate with influencers. They can write a guest post, appear on your podcast, or draw their followers’ attention to exciting articles on your webpage.

Create A Win-Win Situation

But for this to succeed, you have to contact them and convince them to work together. For example, you can recruit influencers as lecturers if you offer seminars. This regard creates an attractive win-win situation for both sides.

Negotiate Discounted Prices For Multiple Collaborations

Booking a story campaign and numerous sponsored posts is often done through different partners. Influencers can be active in both areas and specifically promote the partner company. The following case often occurs: An influencer charges €395 for a sponsored post on their website. The potential cooperation partner offers a placement in the Instagram story for €695. The costs for both types of advertising are €1,090. If you want to improve your SEO position and Instagram visibility simultaneously, there is a simple solution: ask the influencer for a package price of €800 for both forms of cooperation.

Gain Journalists As Cooperation Partners

Journalists are also sought-after partners for companies as influencers. They often have an extensive network that is interested in a specific topic. This includes other journalists, major media partners, and high-reach experts. It is sufficient if journalists refer to your informative contribution. Additional media partners will become aware of your contribution. The chance of additional interview requests, links, and podcast appearances increases. This can help you to increase your media presence in the long term.

Advertise With Influencer Campaigns That Generate More Links

Have you published a new whitepaper, is the next event coming up, or would you like to attract more users to your webinar? These measures can also ensure more links in the long term. But the important thing is: You have to think about suitable measures in advance. Let’s think through the following scenario: You link the download of your whitepaper with the registration for your newsletter. Then your subscribers will regularly be aware of new posts. Your article on generating leads creates a lot of discussion among your subscribers. The probability increases that you will realize more links and sales. This is a win-win situation for all parties and ensures more sales in the long term.

Train Employees To Be Website Influencers

Which group is crucial for the success of your company? Right, your employees. Nothing works in the store without dedicated employees who give their all. Therefore, you should convince them to publish content regularly, for example, on LinkedIn. This is useful if your employees work as website editors or sales editors. This more intelligent staff use ensures that your website is exposed to a broader audience. So, support your employees with LinkedIn content creation classes or training. They will thank you.

Research Suitable Influencers

When companies want to get in touch with website influencers, the research is different than usual. It would help if you started by specifically researching websites instead of social media profiles.

I Remember

Influencers without a website are of no interest in this case! The next step is to determine if they are active on social media. Having your website is, therefore, an essential prerequisite for working together. It is worth looking at the link profile of your competitors to find relevant websites. Use tools like Semrush, Ahrefs, and Sistrix for this. You can find more information about Semrush in the following keyword testimonial.

Furthermore, an intensive discussion with the followers of the influencer is crucial. Platforms like LinkedIn make sense for SEO cooperation. This network is increasingly embedded in a professional context and promises results. This is not only interesting for B2B but also B2C entrepreneurs. Decision-makers in management determine which products are the focus – with all the advantages and disadvantages.

Influencer & SEO: The Overview For All Interested Parties

Influencers can give companies an enormous advantage, also in the SEO area. It is essential to consider other factors when researching. These include the number of media professionals among the followers. This way, exciting journalists can be aware of your company and projects. The synergies of SEO and influencer campaigns are of a long-term nature. However, they can have a significant impact. The increased brand awareness ensures more automated links, which positively affect SEO visibility. Furthermore, the synergies deliver cost savings, which are particularly important in times of crisis.

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