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Demand Gen: The New Google ADS Campaign

Google Marketing Live 2023 was held in May when significant changes and improvements in the Google Ads ecosystem were announced. Among all the innovations, the one that has particularly attracted the attention of the advertising community worldwide is the introduction of the “generation” campaigns.

In this article, we’ll explore Demand Gen, comparing it to Discovery ads and analyzing its key differences, the notable benefits it offers, and how you can make the most of this innovative advertising strategy.

What Is The Difference Between Demand Generation And Discovery Ads?

Demand Gen is an advertising solution that uses Google’s artificial intelligence to connect businesses to consumers in ways never seen before by helping them reach them outside the search engine results page through more visual and entertaining placements like YouTube and Gmail. If your ADS strategy is not working, find out what points to consider; we have written a specific article!

Demand Gen: Use Expanded Reach On YouTube

One of the most significant differences between Demand Gen and Discovery ads is the broad reach the former offers on YouTube. While Discovery ads focus primarily on display within Google’s Discover feeds, Demand Gen campaigns span a broader dimension, extending to YouTube.

This feature is relevant given that YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform globally, with over 2 billion registered users. This means that through this solution, advertisers can access a vast audience, which gives them the ability to capture the attention of potential customers in innovative and engaging ways.

More Video Ad Formats Revolution In Demand Generation

Another critical distinction is the variety of video ad formats available. While Discovery ads are primarily geared towards “single format,” Demand Gen campaigns allow advertisers to experiment with diverse designs. These formats include horizontal, vertical, and square video ads, as well as product carousels. This flexibility allows advertisers to tailor their creative to the form that is most effective for their audience, helping to improve the overall usefulness of their campaigns.

Demand Gen Campaigns: A Single Campaign To Reach More Users

Through Demand Gen, you can reach a wider audience through a single campaign. This approach dramatically simplifies the management of advertising campaigns and allows you to optimize your budget more efficiently. Companies can reach their target audience in a highly targeted and engaging way.

Google’s AI powers this feature and leverages the potential of YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Discover, and Gmail, reaching a large audience of over 3 billion monthly users. Performance Max campaigns also have a notable reach.

Reaching And Converting New Potential Customers Via Demand Gen:

Google Discovery campaigns are designed to assist advertisers in reaching and converting new potential customers. As a result, they have proven to work more effectively when accompanied by advanced conversion tracking capabilities, supporting only innovative bidding options such as “maximize conversions’ ‘ or “maximize the value of conversions,’ ‘ which enable the setting of CPA goals target or ROAS.

On the other hand, Demand Gen provides the same innovative bidding options but allows advertisers to use the “maximize clicks” bidding strategy, which helps increase audience engagement.

More Elaborate And Relevant Demand Gen-Ads For Greater Engagement

Ads can be personalized based on audience interests, behaviors, and preferences, significantly improving the overall relevance of the ad. Additionally, the flexibility offered by different video ad formats allows advertisers to present their products or services creatively and excitingly, capturing audience attention and increasing interaction.

Demand Gen The Revolution Of AI-Based Insight Measurements

Demand Gen, with its innovative AI-based insights and measurements, represents a true revolution in online advertising. This technology has become a key component of Demand Gen campaigns, allowing them to analyze large volumes of data in real-time and uncover hidden patterns and trends in user behavior.

Artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in interpreting this data and transforming it into valuable and actionable information. These advanced metrics enable Demand Gen campaigns to do amazing things:

  1. Optimize targeting to reach the right audience at the right time, maximizing engagement and conversions.
  2. Personalize content based on user preferences, delivering highly relevant and practical messages.
  3. Measure performance in real-time, providing the ability to make instant adjustments to maximize campaign results and efficiency.
  4. Identify hidden growth opportunities, revealing spaces for expanding and refining your advertising strategy.

These cutting-edge capabilities, enabled by the integration of AI, are redefining the standards for success in online advertising. Adopting Demand Gen campaigns means benefiting from a significant competitive advantage and staying at the forefront of the digital advertising arena.

Optimize Campaigns With A Google ADS Management Service

Suppose you want to get the most out of your Demand Gen campaigns and ensure that every dollar invested generates tangible results. In that case, our corporate campaign optimization service is the solution you are looking for. Netting has extensive experience and expertise in online advertising campaigns, with a deep understanding of best practices, industry trends, and the most effective tactics to achieve extraordinary results.


In conclusion, Google Ads Demand Gen campaigns represent a leap forward in online advertising. Thanks to Google’s AI and its ability to reach audiences in more engaging and personalized ways, these campaigns offer a significant competitive advantage. With visually exciting ads and advanced measurement, they help you capture consumers’ attention before they actively search, opening up new conversion opportunities. 

Using specialized management services ensures optimal results and superior ROI. Demand Gen campaigns are the ideal tool to promote your brand, generate interest, and increase conversions. Take advantage of the opportunity to exploit their potential and achieve results for your business entirely.

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