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How To Create A Website On A Low Budget And Fast

A website is now an indispensable tool for every professional category: sole proprietorship, company, or freelancer. Find out how to create a website cheaply and easily. Website: is it possible to do without it? For most of the product categories and those who provide services, no.

But how to create a website without spending too much? Or is it possible to achieve noticeable results even with a reduced budget? This is what we are going to discover, trying to orient ourselves among the proposals and analyzing the site’s characteristics to guarantee you the best value for money.

DIY Website: What Is It For?

If you still have doubts about the advisability of creating a website for your business, consider the support that this tool can offer you for the achievement of primary objectives in any industry:

  1. Being found online: your site, well positioned and optimized, makes you visible on the Internet, where the most important game is played to stand out among your competitors.
  2. Having the opportunity to present services/products: with the site, you have a showcase that allows you to show who you are, what you do and the pluses you can offer users.
  3. Gain authority: the site with a custom domain gives more professionalism to your professional activity.
  4. Profiling your audience: analytical data allows you to understand how many users visit the site, how they see it, and where and on which pages they spend the most time. Valuable information with which you can refine any future strategy.

How Do You Go About Creating A Professional Website?

Wondering how to create a low-cost site without having an idea of ​​how to strike the target audience’s attention and how to position yourself on search engines is equivalent to wasting time and energy. Before starting the project, it is advisable to know the characteristics that make a site perform for the achievement of the most common objectives in digital marketing (such as those listed above):

Responsive And Mobile Friendly 

Your area must be equally usable by the various devices or optimized for the different viewing modes (smartphone, desktop, tablet). In addition to facilitating user navigation, this requirement is essential for Google indexing because the search engine rewards sites that work perfectly on various devices and penalizes in terms of positioning those that are not.

Quick To Load

Your site has just 10/15 seconds to play its cards and convinces the user to navigate beyond the landing page. If he does not, the user will leave the site, and you will lose an opportunity to acquire a lead. This is why loading speed is essential to offer a pleasant browsing experience and to be appreciated by the Google algorithm. To reduce page loading time, image compression and quality hosting are crucial.


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