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How To Send Videos On Discord

Discord is the social platform that is becoming popular with young people and video game enthusiasts. Among the many features, it allows you to send videos: here’s how. The number of social media and sites that allow users to interact, publish content, and exchange information has increased over the years. Platforms with disparate functionalities have been created and designed for different audiences and with additional needs. 

There are those dedicated to the world of work and others on which you can discuss current affairs, find news about your passions, and entertain yourself. Among these is Discord, which is becoming popular among the youngest. Discord is a social platform particularly loved by Generation Z and video game enthusiasts. Thanks to its functions, which were designed specifically to meet the needs of gamers, it has managed to attract more and more users to become one of the main social networks on the web.

Discord: All The Features Of The Platform Loved By Gamers

Discord is a social network born in 2015 from the idea of ​​Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy, experts and video game enthusiasts who had noticed the communication difficulties faced by gamers who wanted to confront each other during game sessions. Existing platforms, such as Skype, were not performing enough, as they caused slowdowns or disturbances during connections and did not allow players to be able to connect easily and create bonds. The goal, fully achieved, was to create a virtual space where everyone could feel involved, build relationships with close people, help each other and cultivate their passions.

Discord is based on servers and groups in which users meet to discuss a topic. There are spaces dedicated to video games, online lessons, training courses, sports, art, science, technology, music, and many other issues. Users on Discord can communicate with each other in several ways. There are text channels, where you can take part in written chats, and voice channels, where they can speak through voice with or without video. Switching between modes is simple and easy.

Discord has approximately 150 million monthly active users, 19 million weekly busy servers, and 4 billion daily talk time minutes. You can share images with other users and exchange video content on Discord. You can take on roles assigned by the creators of the servers to manage and moderate the community you are part of. You can send emojis, and personalized stickers, take part, with your group, in programs in partnership with the platform, broaden your audience and start fruitful collaborations.

There may be bots on Discord servers that automate part of the activities. They are useful for checking that no one violates the creator’s rules, sending automatic welcome messages, and moderating chats. Discord is a platform that can be used for free on desktop and mobile devices, thanks to the application available for iOS and Android operating systems. To get additional features, enhancements, benefits, and superior quality for calls, video calls, and live, you can subscribe to Discord Nitro or Discord Nitro Classic.

How To Send A Video To Discord From Desktop

Discord subscribers have been shown to enjoy video content. The platform allows sending this content to other users in simple steps. You can upload directly from your personal computer. First, you need to log into Discord. Go to the platform’s official website, click on ‘log in’ and enter your email address or telephone number and password chosen during registration. To send a video, you need to access a private or group chat belonging to a server. They are all visible on the homepage. 

To access it, click on the channel’s name or the user you want to send the content. Within the chat, click on the [+] button at the bottom of the screen. Click on ‘Upload a file. At this point, a window opens. Search for the video you want to upload to your device, select it and press ‘Open.’ Add a text message and press ‘enter.’ Discord allows you to report the video as a ‘Spoiler’ by clicking on the eye icon on the video before sending it. The attachment can be edited by changing the file name.

How To Send A Video To Discord From Mobile Devices

To send a video from mobile devices, you need to download the application, start it and log in with your credentials (e-mail or telephone number and password). On the home page, select the private or private chat or server to which to attach the content. Tap the [+] button at the bottom of the screen and, if necessary, grant the application permission to access the files and multimedia contents of the device, take photos, and record videos.

Select, within the device, the video you want to send in the chat. By tapping on the content, you can report it as spoiler content: click on the square next to the word ‘Mark as a spoiler.’ If desired, you can write a message to attach. Finally, press the arrow icon to send.


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