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Instagram Adds Favorites: Benefits For Brands

Instagram has introduced two new features called Favorites and Followers, which allow quality pages to stand out. Here are the features The news on Instagram is on the agenda and is designed to involve users more and more. The platform now has 2 billion monthly active users and is among the most used globally. In these conditions, it is impossible to view the updates of all the accounts followed, and therefore, you risk losing content that interests you more than others. 

For this reason, Instagram has introduced two new features designed to highlight the pages deemed most attractive. The “Favorites” and “Follow” functions made their debut on the platform a few days ago, generating the enthusiasm of content creators and company pages. But what is the reason for so much happiness? Let’s find out right away.

What Are The Follow And Favorites Functions For?

The company explained in an official note why it introduced the news to give users the ability to customize the experience on Instagram to find the most exciting content more easily. For this reason, it has introduced two modes:

  1. Followed – view the latest contents of the followed accounts in chronological order
  2. Favorites – save up to 50 accounts so that their posts appear at the top of the feed. These contents can also be viewed in an additional feed dedicated to your favorite pages.

To switch from one feed to another, start the app and tap the down arrow on the Home Page right next to the word Instagram. A menu will open that will allow you to access Favorites or Followed to see all the related accounts in the appropriate section. In conclusion, you will have three different feeds to consult while browsing. Naturally, this idea will allow Instagram to achieve an important goal: to show as much content as possible – including sponsored ones that can be spread across the three feeds – and make users stay longer within the app.

How To Add An Account To Your Favorites

When a post published by an account you want to “prefer” or “follow” appears on the main screen, tap the “(…)” icon next to them and display the menu choosing from Add to Favorites. Alternatively, you can directly search for the account name in the app’s internal search engine and tap on “follow already.” A list of options will then open, including Add to Favorites.

Instagram also allows you to view your Favorites list. You need to access your profile and tap on the icon of three horizontal lines (☰) and then tap on Favorites. Also, in this section, you can add an account to your Favorites. Just click on the + sign, search for the page’s name, and end on Add. In this section, you can also delete profiles from favorites. To do this, tap the Remove button next to the name of the relevant account.

Advantages For Companies

The birth of new feeds can be very beneficial for companies that struggle to achieve good visibility on Instagram. Without a doubt, this novelty rewards profiles that produce exciting content for users because it is people who choose to place brands, shops, restaurants, content creators, and so on in their Favorites and Follows. So the secret to productively leveraging the feature is building an excellent social media marketing strategy.


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