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Phygital Marketing What It Is And Why It Is The Next Trend

Phygital Marketing will be the future trend: this is what it is and why so many important companies are already applying this practical strategy. Marketing never stops: it constantly evolves to meet consumers’ new needs and amaze them. Those who work in the sector are aware of always having to test themselves, continually updating themselves and experimenting with new methods and tools. Soon, Phygital Marketing will dominate the trends, a strategy that combines online and offline.

Phygital Marketing: What It Is

Phygital Marketing is a strategy that is gaining momentum. The name derives from the union of the words ‘ physical’, physical or accurate, and ‘ digital’. The goal is to create a synergy between the real and virtual worlds to obtain greater profits and achieve important business goals. At the base of this marketing technique is omnichannel, i.e. the use and management of multiple communication channels, feedback, interactions and touchpoints simultaneously. 

The customer is followed, on various platforms and in the real world, from the first contact with the company or the product/service offered, up to the conversion. By integrating online and offline tools, we try to meet the needs of increasingly multitasking, informed and demanding consumers. Both new technologies and human resources are used to allow a unique experience for each individual.

Phygital Marketing: What Are The Advantages

Phygital Marketing can be highly advantageous for companies since it has five essential characteristics for each target market: uniqueness, immediacy, interaction, immersion and interactivity. At the center of marketers, attention is the customer in his identity. We try to create an ad personam path for users, to make them fully satisfied and to facilitate the creation of a bond of trust with the brand. By combining digital and accuracy, the customer can benefit from the same purchase immediacy that one has in a physical store, even from online shopping. 

An immersive experience and interaction with the brand is continuous and guaranteed, for example, with bots, virtual assistants or augmented reality programs and tools. Adopting a Phygital Marketing strategy allows companies to be found in any place by customers who are evaluating the purchase, to provide them with the answers they need at the right time and always innovative solutions. Each user can decide to inquire, buy products or access services in the way they prefer among the different ones provided by the company, online or offline, living a completely personalized experience. Large companies, such as Amazon Go, Rebecca Minkoff, Ikea and Prada, have already adopted this strategy.

Examples Of Phygital Marketing And Other Applications

It is possible to exploit the phygital in different sectors and for other purposes; in this sense, the phygital is a tool that allows you to create innovative and original touchpoints with customers to enrich the experience and stimulate engagement. In addition to being an increasingly used tool in marketing and advertising, however, the use of phygital is also growing in different sectors due to its ability to involve people and stimulate their curiosity. The use of phygital in teaching offers an example. 

Educational methods and lessons become phygital when they take advantage of the support of technology to generate greater engagement and stimulate student interest. The use of augmented reality (AR) devices in the classroom would have been considered an incentive to attend the course by 80% of the sample (made up of students); moreover, according to 70%, AR would have allowed them to learn faster and easier.

These data, therefore, would seem to confirm the particular effectiveness of using a similar approach. The use of a phygital process is also growing in the fields of culture and entertainment (museums, art galleries, concerts, etc.). Implementing interactive technologies in the physical place creates memorable moments for the user and increases the immersion in the experience.


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