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Remote Interview, How To Deal With It

How to do a remote interview? A lot also depends on the country where the company is located! If you have decided to apply for a job in Switzerland or a position in France, the telephone interview is conducted in English. Let’s see how to interview via Skype, phone, or remotely!

Remote Interviewing: How It Works

Group and individual interviews verify the skills proposed in the resource’s curriculum vitae. As we have seen in our guide to job interviews, the company tends to understand the person, and the character, to perceive future job opportunities. Skills change from job to job. The ones that always stay in style are flexibility, adaptation, team spirit, and being a positive, determined and focused person.

Depending on each job, then, these skills can change. A job interview usually generates stress and performance anxiety. Still, when this is done through a simple phone call, anxiety and stress tend to decrease because there is no eye contact, and listening only to the voice, the advice is to be as calm and relaxed as possible. Say whatever is necessary without being afraid of making a mistake. A telephone interview is a first impact, undoubtedly meaningful, between the company and the worker.

The most sought-after news is personal data, reading the CV, and understanding the person’s genuine interest from the attitude and tone of voice. Other personal questions may also be asked, such as future appointments, if you have a car, and so on. The first meeting takes place by telephone to test the terrain. If it goes well, the meeting in person will follow!

Skype Interview

The telephone or video call via Skype occurs when the resource and the company do not reside in the same city or country. If you are about to change a city, you will be asked to make a Skype call before an in-person interview. In this case, there is eye contact, and the details, the way of dressing and moving are noticed. Leave your anxiety at home, and you can see everything via Skype. These could be some practical tips to implement:

  1. Choose a secluded place where you feel safe and without noise.
  2. Pinned down, with pen and paper, everything you need. She will give the image of a precise and attentive person.
  3. Smile and be friendly. A smile is always the best choice.
  4. Get ready for the questions; they could be many and more targeted.

Telephone Interview

The same advice applies to the telephone interview, with the only significant difference relating to the video call. Indeed, without video, the recruiter will not see your face, and therefore you will be able to hold the interview even in pajamas, comfortably seated in an armchair. No one will notice. However, are you sure that the interviewer on the other end won’t notice your facial expression? 

The answer is no! Even during the telephone interview, you will have to smile and be sure of yourself, just as if you were in front of your interviewer because doing something with conviction will convey your determination to the other, even though just the tone of voice. In conclusion, the advice is to be yourself, don’t be afraid, the more relaxed and calm you are, the more chances you have of success!

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