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Samsung Fills Its Galaxy S24 With AI Features

With the Galaxy S24, Samsung is taking advantage of generative AI. The South Korean firm unveiled its new range of high-end smartphones this Wednesday, January 17. The Galaxy S24 displays increased autonomy and power, but its most exciting feature remains the addition of features based on generative AI. 

These are features that we were able to test in preview. More than new “gadget” options, artificial intelligence provides increased intuitiveness. By gradually integrating generative AI into its smartphones, Samsung wants to streamline the user experience and simplify the use of its mobile ecosystem, making it both more intuitive and efficient.

Instant Translation

With the S24, generative AI appears in the One UI overlay. The manufacturer’s native applications benefit from new valuable features for users. They are starting with instant translation. The tool integrates directly into voice calls and offers, upon simple request, automatic translation. 

Once the service is activated during a call, a small robotic voice indicates to the caller that the call is being translated live. As the speaker finishes their sentences, a voice assistant instantly translates their words into another language. The translation is bidirectional, making switching between languages easy ​​during a phone conversation. Once the call ends, a transcript of the call is displayed.

The S24 arrives with an instant translation application accessible from the top shortcuts menu. The principle is similar to that of telephone calls. The AI first listens to the text to be translated and then speaks the translation. The goal is to transform your smartphone into a pocket translator for a face-to-face conversation. By default, the phone comes with support for 14 different languages. 

In total, around a hundred languages ​​are available for download. Generative AI is also included in Samsung’s voice recorder. The application now supports automatic transcription of audio recordings. The tool is handy for meetings. The AI ​​can transcribe the meeting precisely by identifying the different speakers with the exact timing. 

Currently, the tool supports up to 10 other speakers within the same recording. The transcript is styled to be easy to read. The first visuals, which we consulted, however, lack color, which would make the transcription even more straightforward to understand. It is possible to generate a summary of the entire conversation.

A Technology Based In Part On Google Gemini

Galaxy AI is based on several technologies: internal AI models executed directly from the smartphone (this is the case for instant translation) and external LLM. The version presented this Wednesday is based on Google’s star LLM, Gemini, Samsung tells us. This alliance between models made by Samsung and those called from the cloud presents a notable disadvantage. 

Certain features are unavailable without an Internet connection (summary, transcription, reformulation, etc.). However, according to our tests on text processing tasks, latency is reduced, providing a genuinely fluid experience. At the same time, AI is integrated directly into the Samsung keyboard, allowing you to reformulate text input quickly. It becomes possible to reformulate a message in the SMS application, from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or any other application. 

The AI ​​offers several writing styles adapted to each situation (informal, professional, classic, etc.). The keyboard also allows you to check the spelling of a text using AI or translate it instantly. The Notes application also benefits from an overhaul and also includes features based on generative AI. It becomes possible to format your notes with different templates quickly and generate personalized covers to find them quickly.

AI (also) In Photography

Another exciting feature, Samsung’s overlay now includes, in partnership with Google, a functionality allowing you to search for information on the web quickly. To do this, circle any image or text with your finger, and the AI ​​will automatically search for its meaning on the web with Google Lens for images and Google Search for text. 

Finally, Samsung Internet benefits from new options for summarizing and directly translating the content of a web page. More traditionally, generative AI is also making its way into photography. Samsung’s default editing tool offers the ability to cut out an object or person from an image to delete or move it. It also becomes possible to enlarge an image, based on the principle of Adobe Generative Fill, or to let the AI ​​improve the image to optimize its quality.

For now, Samsung is reserving all of the features based on generative AI for the Galaxy S24 before a possible extension to equipment is released in 2023 by the summer. “Mobile technology can enable connection, productivity, and creativity for people worldwide. But we have yet to see AI allow this significantly on mobile. 

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