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SEO And Social Media: Why Think Of An Integrated Strategy

Can the integration of SEO strategy and social media improve online positioning? Here are some tips for doing it best. SEO and social media represent two sides of the same coin, two different aspects of web marketing that have a shared goal: to be successful on the web. But can a social media marketing strategy affect a site’s ranking in search engines? SEO experts have long underestimated the power of integrating SEO optimization strategies and social media marketing, as links from social media cannot directly influence organic search engine rankings. 

In an SEO strategy, link building activity has a significant weight, representing, together with the creation of quality content. This primary element influences positioning on the web. Search engines evaluate the popularity and reliability by analyzing the number and quality of inbound links and rewarding those who get links from reliable sources. These links from social networks are not included because they have the “no follow” attribute in the HTML code, which tells the search engine not to take them into account, making them devoid of influence on the results in the SERPs. 

Thanks to this attribute, “spamming” links from these platforms creates absolutely no value in an SEO strategy. On the other hand, since Google and Bing have openly declared that the links shared on Facebook and Twitter impact the choice of the results returned in their engines, it is counterproductive to underestimate the opportunities deriving from the union between SEO and social media. Here are some tips to promote integration between the leading social platforms with SEO and increase the impact of your online brand.

Optimize Local SEO With Google My Business

When you search for a local business, Google first returns Google My Business listings which allows you to update a company’s information and interact with users, managing everything through your Google+ account. To optimize the local SEO of a business with Google My Business, it is essential to enrich your profile with all the valuable information to be found, with particular attention to the consistency with which the address is reported on the site and write a complete description. From specific keywords and get reviews from users.

Increase Brand Awareness With Youtube

Even if it does not generate direct traffic to your site, the publication of videos makes it possible to position yourself in search engines with keywords relevant to your business and increase the brand’s popularity with your target. To optimize a video from an SEO perspective, it is essential to insert the keyword in all the elements that allow it (file name, video title, description) and introduce a captivating call to action with a link that refers to your site. Another tip is to include the keyword twice in the title (e.g., Facebook tips: 10 Facebook tips to get more followers ).

Don’t Overlook The Description Of The Images On Pinterest

Although little used, images shared on Pinterest are indexed and appear in Google Images results. To integrate this social network with your SEO strategy, it is essential to publish high-resolution photos and add an SEO-friendly description consisting of a short sentence (about 200 characters) with the keywords you intend to place each pin and a compelling call to action.

Insert Anchor Text To Links On Facebook 

As with other social networks, don’t forget to include essential keywords in posts on your  Facebook page and photo captions. Using only relevant keywords for images is necessary because the description remains permanent. It is helpful in often sending links outside the page, using the bulletin board, the “About” box, and the notes. This last section makes it possible to insert personalized anchor text in the links to increase visibility in search engines. It would help if you wrote, for example:  Marketing Magazine and once published, it will appear as a natural link on the page.

Ultimately, even if the links coming from social media do not directly influence the positioning of a site in search engines, they can still generate value for your web marketing strategy. A  link, even if no follow, can favor new links, increase brand awareness and engagement and, consequently, the authority of the domain. What is essential to work on integration between SEO and social media is to adopt an integrated communication strategy across all platforms so that the different approaches can effectively interact productively for your business.


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