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Smart Home Trends For 2023

The Smart Home is a sector in continuous innovation and development. Read more about the most interesting Smart Home trends of 2023 below. Many proposals and future evolutions will characterize the Smart Home of 2023. Here are some of the most interesting and relevant Smart Home innovations and trends of the new year.

What Is The Most Interesting News About The Smart Home 2023?

The Smart Home market is subject to continuous innovations related to safety, energy saving, smart appliances, etc. It is a sector which, especially in recent years, has experienced considerable development, attracting more and more consumers. Following home automation means creating a safer, more efficient, and more comfortable home, a smart home. Here are some of the most interesting Smart Home trends of 2023.

Home Security And Control Trends

One of the most avant-garde aspects, as far as smart homes are concerned, is represented precisely by the methods and safety systems. Experts are constantly looking for digital systems capable of protecting and guaranteeing maximum security against possible hacker attacks.

By the year 2023, it is expected that these same digital systems will be able to manage lighting, alarms, cameras, and acoustic systems at the same time, to make environments as safe as possible. Furthermore, after the pandemic experience, regarding commercial and public areas, the inclusion of an alarm capable of recognizing and detecting body temperature is expected.

Home Appliances And Smart Devices Trend

Household appliances and appliances for the home and, above all, for daily life represent one of the most sought-after and most popular sectors in the sales of the Smart Home market. By the new year, these innovative home appliances are expected to feature extreme control and safety features. You can regulate the machinery directly with voice or gestures and through digital devices such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.

Furthermore, as with household appliances, smart TVs will also become increasingly autonomous and efficient. Among the most interesting initiatives, there is also the possibility of being able to regulate functions such as heating the house or lighting through televisions. The ovens will be used with special video cameras to see even remotely the dishes being cooked, and, finally, the bathroom area will be used as a toilet that will independently take care of their cleaning.

Intelligent Lighting And Energy Efficiency: The 2023 Trends

One of the most innovative and updated aspects of the 2023 Smart Home trends certainly concerns the lighting factor. Specifically, the systems are expected to be upgraded to offer a very high level of energy efficiency. Furthermore, these new models will include various specific functions such as gesture sensors and recognition, voice control, and even regulation of light intensity based on people’s moods. Finally, as already mentioned, a great improvement in terms of energy is expected, with an ever-higher use of renewable energy.

Smart Home Trend: Which Are The Best Companies Of 2023?

In recent years, companies specializing in the Smart Home sector have increased considerably due to the enormous success shown with sales. Among the best Italian companies that look for ways to guarantee comfort and safety in homes every day, it is possible mention:

  1. 1Control: creator of 1Control Solo, a remote control capable of regulating the opening and closing of gates, doors, windows, garages, and all related access points in the house;
  2. Almadomus.us: the company has created Domoki, a home automation system capable of regulating various aspects of the home, such as thermostats, shutters, household appliances and digital devices, and lighting;
  3. Athena: creator of the DIY system aimed at improving the general comfort of the home;
  4. EasyLux: specialized in lighting, the company has invented a system of endless lights that can be adjusted directly via the Internet;
  5. BTicino: the company has invented an intelligent system to be able to regulate every aspect of the home remotely;
  6. Morpleos: creator of Momo, the first domestic robot applied to a home automation system.

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