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Spy App: How To Tell If Your Device Is Being Monitored

Does having a Spy App inside your smartphone grip your mind? Then indeed, you are looking for a fast and effective method to understand if your device is under control. To date, electronic devices such as smartphones, PCs and tablets are part of our daily life and are connected to the Internet. They can exchange an enormous amount of sensitive data with the outside world. 

All this use has led to these devices becoming one of the favorite targets of hackers and bad guys. The latter is mainly interested in getting access data to bank accounts or personal information. But then, how can you tell if they are monitoring you? We at Made Today will show you which are the simplest and most effective methods to understand if there is a Spy App inside your device. But now, let’s not get lost in the chatter, and let’s see together everything you can do to avoid being spied on.

Spy App: How It Works

Before even showing you which methods we have identified for you, it is essential to understand what a spy app is and why it can be dangerous for your devices and your privacy. A Spy App is nothing more than special software designed to monitor and control everything you can do with your PC or smartphone, such as calls, photos, videos, text messages, chats and emails. All this happens completely anonymously and is invisible to the eyes of the device owner. Antiviruses cannot detect these Apps and do not require special root permissions or permissions from the account administrator.

Spy Apps: 5 Warning Signs To Pay Attention To

No one should be trying to spy on another person’s cell phone or computer, but it happens a lot more often than you might think. Fortunately, although, as we have seen before, spy apps are software specifically designed to sit hidden and undisturbed, there are ways to find and eliminate them.

It is a complex operation, but following our advice lets you understand if one is inside your device. Smartphone, a PC or a Tablet, whether or not a Spy App is present. Before listing the best methods, it is essential to analyze your device and check if there are any strange anomalies, such as:

  1. A sudden deterioration in battery life;
  2. Excessive heat without frequent use;
  3. Abnormal background noises, especially during calls;
  4. Strange behavior of other equipment, such as stereo or TV, when your device is nearby;
  5. Difficulty using the device or turning it off daily.

This is a list of 5 red flags that can help you figure out if you should worry or not. Once you have determined that one or more of these anomalies are present within your electronic device, it is time to take action.

Method 1: Locate Suspicious Apps

The first method we advise you to implement is to precisely check and keep the list of all the apps installed on your device under control. Looking closely at this. You may notice some suspicious Apps you are sure you have never downloaded. Our advice is to continue beyond a single reading but ensure that every single App, once opened, corresponds to its icon. To do all this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Settings;
  2. Click on the App item;
  3. Select the option “Show all apps”, thus accessing the complete list.

From here, you can view the list of all applications, even those that may have been hidden ad hoc. If, through your research, you come across an unusual app that looks malicious or suspicious when searched on the Internet, then you need to uninstall the App in question.

Method 2: Check App Consumption

Another very effective method is to control your device’s consumption and battery. It is, in fact, possible to identify the presence of a Spy App thanks to the latter’s impact on energy consumption and the gigabytes available in your tariff plan.

To better control your energy consumption, enter the “Settings” of your device and click on the ” Battery” item. Doing so will give you more details about the Apps that consume more energy than others. If you encounter anomalies in the consumption of a specific application, the solution also, in this case, is to uninstall the App in question.

Method 3: Run An Antimalware Scan

If you have yet to receive detailed feedback on the first two methods listed above, it’s time to focus on the three methods we will illustrate. In these cases, when you are still trying to determine if your smartphone or PC is free from spy apps, we recommend scanning your device using anti malware. There are two main ways to perform a scan of this type.

  1. If the problem occurs on an Android device, then you could use Google Play Protect, an app made available by Google, downloadable for free from the Play Store;
  2. Or you could take advantage of a specific third-party app for this purpose, always downloadable for free from the Play Store.

Method 4: Find Spy Apps With Dialer

All the previous methods have led you to understand that there is a Spy App, but you need help finding the origin of the problem. You could implement the last method we recommended, especially for smartphones. You must know that some malicious apps that have the sole purpose of stealing sensitive data could create hidden menus that are difficult to identify without knowing specific procedures. 

The first procedure to carry out, which could make you find the Spy App inside your device, is to use the Dialer. The Dialer is a computer program that many years ago was mainly used to connect to the Internet. It creates an Internet connection to a device through the standard telephone line or an ISDN connection. To try this procedure, you will have to perform these few simple steps:

  1. Step 1: Start the “Phone” app, the one with which you usually type the numbers to call;
  2. Step 2: Enter the code *12345; if there is a Spy App, then you will see its management panel, and at this point, you will finally see which App it is;
  3. Step 3: Now turn off the active tracking toggle next to the App;
  4. Step 4: Finally, uninstall the App you found immediately.

Method 5: Find Spy Apps Through Browser

The last method you can finally find the Spy App inside your device is through your Browser.

  1. Step 1: Launch the Browser you usually use;
  2. Step 2: Connect to the address localhost:4444 or localhost:8888, from here if a Spy App exists, you will be connected to its configuration panel;
  3. Step 3: Now look for a possible and practical method to uninstall the App immediately through specific web searches.

Ultimately, knowing how to identify a Spy App is not simple. But it is essential to try to avoid unpleasant consequences in the future. With this article, we at Made hope that we have helped you understand whether your device is controlled.

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