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Ten Reasons Why WhatsApp Marketing Is Essential For A Business

With the growing digitization and use of instant messaging apps, digital marketers are increasingly finding the usefulness of WhatsApp Marketing, especially for small businesses. WhatsApp has evolved a lot over the years: from a simple app for sending messages, it has become a virtual place for exchanging various types of (voice notes, images, videos, GIFs, calls and video calls), and today it also represents a handy tool for increasing sales. Here are ten reasons to leverage this tool if you have a business.

The Business Version Is Free

This is already a great reason to start trying it. In fact, in all its essential functions, WhatsApp business is accessible. The API version, on the other hand, is paid, but it is essential to remember that this version is designed especially for large companies. For SMEs, on the other hand, the basic version is more than sufficient to satisfy all the marketing needs of the case.

Already Host Your Customers

The most current data state that there are 1 billion and 600 million active users on WhatsApp in over 180 countries worldwide. However, it is the absolute favorite messaging app. If you invest in your brand’s presence on WhatsApp, you can access a “ready-to-use” customer base. 

The Engagement Rate Is Very High

Statistics show that around 80% of messages sent on WhatsApp are opened within five minutes of receiving them. On average, a user opens the application about 23 times daily, and the message opening rate is 98%. No other platformers can boast such encouraging data. 

The Use Is Simple And Intuitive

No specific computer or digital skills are required to make the most of the application. WhatsApp Business has the same features you are already used to using on the standard version of the app. These include sending documents and multimedia files such as photos, videos and GIFs, voice notes, group chats, etc.  

More Spontaneous Relationships With Customers

WhatsApp is par excellence you use with friends and relatives because communication is immediate and intimate. Communicating in the same way with a company (instead of using e-mail or direct calls) will make the interactions equally “intimate” and genuine. There is no room for formalities or technicalities on WhatsApp: the language is simple and direct, so most users appreciate it.

Many People Prefer Texting To Calling

The reason is directly connected to the fact that most people, especially young people, prefer to communicate through messages rather than calls. Even more “hated” are the contact request forms found on most corporate websites. On the other hand, WhatsApp ensures smart and, as mentioned, very spontaneous communication. 

It Is The Most Appropriate Channel To Reach Young People

The 18th Census Report on Communication found that almost all young people between 14 and 29 use WhatsApp (93.4 %, to be precise ). This makes it a handy tool if you want to address a young audience, but not only. According to the same report, the instant messaging app is generally used by 83.6% of people.

Response Times Are Faster

The interaction will be almost immediate, thanks to the ability to create preset messages. You can create a way, welcome, or quick replies for frequently asked questions.

You Can Address An International Audience

As already mentioned, the service is active in more than 180 countries. If you want to address an international audience, then WhatsApp is the right choice. According to data, in South America, 60% of people use it daily, while India has the most users (500 million). 

Ensures Privacy And Security For Users

Last, WhatsApp ensures users’ privacy and security thanks to end-to-end encryption. Also, WhatsApp requires businesses to verify their accounts, so the risk of data leaks or account hacking is minimized. 

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