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The Advantage Of Virtual Reality For Companies

The pandemic has imposed distances on us. And when you are dealing with video calls and video conferences, it is undoubtedly impossible to look the interlocutor directly in the eye. Attention and communication are fragmented, so we tire more quickly in the call than in presence. Because what we lack is not only to communicate face to face but also to use meta language. 

But you can take advantage of virtual reality for companies. Gesticulating comes to our aid, it is true, but how to understand which interlocutor is precisely looking? Virtual reality can help, which offers the possibility of finding oneself anywhere and relocating one’s presence. But it also allows for communicating remotely and navigating space.

The Advantage Of Virtual Reality For The Business

Virtual reality is a technology created to simulate our presence in another place than where we physically find ourselves. Wearing a simple viewer, we delude our brain that what we are seeing around us is accurate and realistic. It doesn’t matter if we know that what happens before our eyes is an illusion. The important thing is that our mind receives sensory stimuli consistent with our idea of ​​reality, so similar that they induce emotional reactions.

So what are the advantages of using virtual reality for a company? The entire work of a company is divided into several activities. These, during the lockdown – and still today – took place and are carried out through a screen and thanks to video conference and digital collaboration tools. Technology can optimize at least 3 of these business processes and improve smart working implementation.

The Brainstorming Phase

The success of brainstorming depends very much on the ability to communicate and relate to other people. If we brainstorm in a video call, the communication is fragmented, we get more tired, and we cannot bring out ideas that would reinforce the original one. The brainstorming aims to put the whole pool of ideas and knowledge on paper and bring out new ideas. 

Through a screen, it can be done, but how much easier and more effective would it be if we moved to virtual reality? We would have the opportunity to talk to specific people in a familiar environment. Virtual reality is the perfect compromise between being present and the screen, allowing us to have more effective meetings.


Unfortunately, it is impossible to go to the events physically. We miss face-to-face lectures and not having a speaker speak on stage. So the solution to this lack is not to watch the video of his speech on Youtube or dedicated streaming platforms. We know very well that professionals who participate in an event are interested in what happens before and after the stage, therefore meeting people, exchanging ideas, and discussing feedback. And that’s what’s missing from the online event.

Thanks to virtual reality, it is possible to organize conferences that promote networking. Such as? The virtual double’s avatar allows you to be there and interact with others. You can sit in an armchair in an event room, listen to people, and talk to those around you through the avatar. It is, therefore, possible to simulate those actions that in an event are fundamental for the people who participate, such as networking and exchanging feedback.

The Prototyping

Prototyping is also facilitated by virtual reality. Thanks to VR, companies can simulate a space, an object, or any product, evaluate its pros and cons and measure the usability experience without being created. Investing in technologies such as virtual reality allows companies to save a lot on planning and implementation time and costs. And to gain speed in improving.

Virtual Reality In Smart Cities

Thanks to new technologies and virtual reality, there are also many opportunities for society and intelligent cities. It is no small feat for firefighters and health workers to train themselves in the most challenging situations, such as fires and earthquakes, thanks to the viewers and the realistic reconstruction of immersive spaces. Thanks to an accurate and interactive simulation, they could be found anywhere, even at the foot of Etna.

The benefits of virtual reality for businesses can be seen in sectors such as tourism. With the viewers, it is possible, for example, to visit an archaeological area, having the possibility of finding the historical information of the place in the simulation. Virtual reality becomes an ally in the hospital environment to support people’s health and well-being. And to improve the patient’s therapeutic experience without the drug. The patient has many needs, including psychological, emotional, and social ones, which are very important for the course of the disease. 

Thanks to the viewers and immersive worlds, it is possible to have a better experience with a tangible impact on the therapy outcome. And finally, the theater, a world that has suffered negatively from the pandemic. But thanks to initiatives in which virtual reality is involved, it is possible to bring home a theatrical show by simply renting a viewer in the bookstore. Virtual reality transforms everyday life, habits and ways of doing things positively. It brings that extra value, that experience that we could otherwise lose in emergencies, such as the pandemic was.


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