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Watch YouTube Videos On Apple Watch? Done With This Trick

Did you know that YouTube videos can also be watched from Apple Watch? A not very comfortable solution, but feasible thanks to this simple trick. Apple Watches do it all now. But absolutely everything. Did you know it’s even possible to watch a YouTube video from the small screen of the Cupertino OEM smartwatch? Certainly not the most comfortable solution, considering the panel size available with the smartwatch. If you are interested or just curious about how to do it, there is a trick. 

Apple has not yet made the default app available in the official store. Still, an equally effective third-party software has been developed with nothing to envy those available on smartphones and tablets. The native YouTube app is available for iOS, iPad, and tvOS. It does not have the Apple Watch version. It is probably believed that with such a small screen, it is impossible to enjoy the user experience in using videos properly. On the contrary, the WatchTube app allows you to watch YouTube on your Apple Watch. It is an unofficial YouTube client that allows you to:

  1. Search for videos and creators with the search engine
  2. Play YouTube videos
  3. Subscribe to channels found around
  4. See the suggested videos
  5. See the historian
  6. Like videos
  7. See the description of the videos. And so on. 

All from the wrist and with the small screen of the Apple smartwatch. Videos can use the audio of the Apple Watch speaker, but if you want, you can activate the subtitle function to watch them without audio. The developer is also working on new features. For example, the ability to hear only the audio of the videos. This way, you will avoid wasting battery. 

A very useful function for those who want to listen to music taken from YouTube or content as if they were podcasts. As an unofficial app on Apple Watch, don’t expect a smooth experience on par with the original iPhone. The watch tube weighs 4.3 MB and is free to download from the App Store. There is no in-app purchase.

How To Watch YouTube Videos On Apple Watch – Just Download WatchTube

If you want to experience the thrill of watching a YouTube video on the Apple Watch, download the new WatchTube app. Available from the smartwatch to download, it requires no complicated settings or procedures to start watching actual videos. You need to access the App Store and complete the installation, after which it will be immediately active and usable.  Even at the interface level, there is everything you need, even if some buttons are awkward to reach. Obviously, due to the extremely small size of the smartwatch, it was not originally designed for watching videos. 

Four sections are available: Home, Search, Library, and Settings. You can see the trending videos and the categories shown in the Home. The search system is also functional, although the keyboard is not very comfortable. The gem is the subtitles of the videos, which are also supported and editable in text size. Developed by Hugo Mason, it requires at least 5MB of space and watchOS version 6 to be downloaded. No special subscriptions are needed, and personal data is safe. For more information, you have to proceed directly with the actual download.

Control With The Digital Crown

As is usual with YouTube, videos can be found via a feed with recommendations or a search function. Linking to your own Google account is currently not possible. The video player loads quickly and is independent of the iPhone so that the smartphone can be left at Home. Volume and playback position can be changed by turning the digital crown. You can even view some comments on the respective videos. And if you’re fed up with the small screen or want to recommend a video, you can display a QR code for sharing.


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