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30 iPhone Apps For An Almost Normal Weekend

The iPhone is a great help when finding ideas for your weekend. Perfect illustration with this story of a nice vacation day written by a fan of iOS apps. As part of our series of iPhone app files , I suggest you go for a full day in iPhone apps for this updated file. Before we begin, let’s provide some context. 

It’s September, synonymous with recovery for many of you. You don’t have too much trouble making the most of your weekend rest days doing your favorite things. And as always, the iPhone, well equipped with applications, can help throughout the day!

A Musical Awakening

Today, for me, it’s decided: the day will be dedicated to relaxation, idleness, and friends. Barely out of bed, I head to the kitchen to enjoy some breakfast and, for once, take my time. Still, I quickly check the weather forecast in my pajamas and go to the bakery to get some warm bread and croissants. 

Obviously, you will have to go through the shower area. The iPhone doesn’t yet do shampoo or even soap, but it can play the right sound. Torn between the desire to play a playlist and the desire to turn on the radio, I dive into my music applications folder to play some music:

  1. Apple Music
  2. Spotify
  3. Deezer
  4. Qobuz
  5. Tidal
  6. Amazon Music
  7. SoundCloud

Follow the news of the day on the radio , time to dry off, thanks to one of these multistation apps:

  1. TuneIn Radio

Morning Reading

Showered and clean as a whistle, I am on my way to hunt for fresh bread. Arriving at the bakery, which makes the best croissants in the area, I walk in front of the newsstand. A magazine catches my eye in the window, and I decide to use the credit I’ve had left for months to get it on an iPhone. Some apps will help me:

  1. Caffeine
  2. ePress
  3. Nextory

Barbecue At Friends’ House

Sated and comfortably seated in the armchair, I am writing through my magazine when the phone rings. Léon, the friend with whom we’ll eat later, asks me if I know a good cocktail recipe. Luckily, I have apps on my iPhone. And, hopefully, kill two birds with one stone. I’ll impress Léon and enjoy myself later at his place.

I go back to my magazine and come across a comic book. Awesome. That makes me think that I lent two of my best comics to old Léon and that I don’t seem to have seen them since. Fortunately, I manage my collection and loans in the BD Buzz application.

I finished reading for today; it’s time to get a little active because we’re going on vacation next week, and by waiting until the last minute to find a hotel, things can get complicated. Another dive into the iPhone to find that rare gem:

  1. VeryChic
  3. TripAdvisor

Just in case, there is always Airbnb to sleep with locals:

  1. Airbnb

It’s good, it’s found and reserved! It’s official, we’re going to Paris. That’s good; I stocked up on 100% Paris apps with this file . The time to go to Léon’s is approaching, and my wife and the children are finishing getting ready. I have time to take a look at our wine cellar to bring a good bottle; the applications have everything in memory:

  1. VinoCell
  2. Wine Advisor

On the way. It is already noon, and as Léon has just moved, the GPS is out, and we do not yet know the correct route for a memory drive. A choice :

  1. Waze
  2. Google Maps
  3. TomTom Go

That’s it, we have arrived. Today is barbecue. And over my aniseed drink, Léon, who has just bought himself an iPhone, asks me about my favorite applications. I’m making a list for him because it’s true that there are still some essential ones. After the aperitif, the first chipolatas arrive at the table, and the discussion revolves around their house, which Léon and his wife have just bought. 

They are proud of their find, but I congratulate them on having acquired it at an excellent price. But, as a real estate expert, I must inspect the rooms. Everything is OK, but to be a little proud, I take out my unique home purchase apps to show that they would probably have saved a little time with an iPhone and avoided some headaches, too. And Bam !

  1. Figaro Immo
  2. Logic-Immo

As the meal progressed, and as is often the case, we came across the subject of current films—the opportunity to show them practical cinema applications to find something to occupy their TV popcorn evenings.

  1. IMDb
  2. AlloCiné

Remember our heated discussions about the French rugby team and the World Cup, which I follow thanks to several apps discovered here .

Time passes, and the stomach becomes heavy. I suggest a little outing in the forest to move around and facilitate digestion. Once again, my iPhone hits the mark with applications like PictureThis or Clés de forêt, discovered in this special folder applications for walks in the forest .

  1. iPhiGénie
  2. PictureThis
  3. Forest keys

Series Evening

After a good 2 kilometers enjoying the fresh forest air, all in good company, my family and I decided to return. Because today is a serious evening. The opportunity to reread this file on apps for streaming because we have just purchased a new Apple TV.

I am, therefore, automatically designated to install everything necessary to guarantee a trouble-free TV broadcast this evening from our new box. Then, it will be towards the bed. It’s no surprise you tell me. Besides, do we also have a mini-file on sleep and the iPhone in our columns ? When we tell you that we have already covered many topics, it’s really not a joke…

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