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10 Sites to Find High-Quality PC Wallpapers

It’s more pleasant to work on a PC that suits you. Luckily, plenty of sites help you find high-quality PC wallpapers. Find the 10 best in this article!


On this site, you can quickly obtain several high-quality wallpapers (Full HD, 4K, 1080p) for your computer. And what’s more, the download is free! Offering a simple interface, this site is easy to use. It also integrates a search engine to ensure specific results. You can choose from many categories like landscape, animated, 3D, car, animals, art, nature, film, abstract, neon, video games, etc.

Wallpaper Flare

This site offers a massive library of free wallpapers. You can search or click on a background of your choice. After that, the site will suggest similar backgrounds for you. The particularity of Wallpaper Flare is that it allows downloads in several different sizes (up to 5120 × 2880) suitable for various devices (Windows, Mac). Please note that the site is in English!


More than 100,000 wallpapers await you on Pexels! You can find HD, 4K or 8K wallpapers for free. Access numerous photo collections on various themes such as Nature, Underwater, Night, Healthy, Fashion, Animals, Drink, Art and many others. Images can be downloaded in various sizes (large, medium, small). And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, all you have to do is search. But what sets this site apart is that it also offers short videos.


If you are looking for wallpapers focused on the “Travel” theme, this site will satisfy you! The images are classified by theme: landscape, countries and cities, monuments and architecture, animals, people and life scenes, seasons and events, unusual, art or even unclassifiable. You will have understood this site will take you to the four corners of the planet. You are also entitled to a section dedicated to the most recent wallpapers.

Futura Sciences

Are you passionate about Science and technology? You will find free wallpapers related to these areas on this site! You access various images, including landscapes, natural phenomena, artistic or scientific images… The images are in 3 sizes (1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024, 1900 x 1200). Additionally, the image may include links to articles about Science. Please note that new wallpapers are added regularly!


This site is considered an absolute reference in the field. It provides an impressive high-resolution catalog of images (1.5 million) (FHD, 4K UHD). You can search by colour and keywords! In addition to the many categories, Wallhaven provides a “Best Wallpaper” category. When you select a background, a tool offers you the possibility of cutting it and bringing it to the desired resolution.


Your PC deserves high-quality wallpapers, which you’ll get at Wallpapers.com! You can access varied images grouped into 28 categories (Colors, Disney, Animals, Video games, Nature, television shows, etc.). You can also enter a keyword to find the corresponding wallpaper.


With over 300,000 images available, Pixabay is one of the popular sites for downloading desktop wallpapers. All images are professional and can be downloaded for free in high resolution (HD and 4K). You can determine the size of the image, its orientation or even the color. If you use the site from your office or a school, please note that you can use the adult filter (SafeSearch).

Can go

This site lets you personalize your PC by creating free wallpapers using your images. You can also select quotes or illustrations. It is possible to insert your favorite quotes or other motivational messages. Canva also has more than a million professional-quality images. In addition, editing tools are available to you, and you can retouch photos if necessary.


Photography enthusiasts can find what they are looking for on this site. The content focuses mainly on images of landscapes, nature and architecture. But you can also find an impressive variety of images classified into several categories. The quality is there because the images are offered at high resolution (Full HD and 4K). You benefit from additional information concerning, for example, the camera used to capture the image or even the technical configuration.

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