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Best SpeedWrite Alternatives In 2024

Usually, content writers create content for various sources like marketing, blog posting, magazine making, and many more. Based on their requirements, it may take time for the writers to complete the content. However, a tool called SpeedWrite helps to get excellent and unique content very fast.

This tool helps many content writers for many purposes, and it works on Artificial Intelligence assistance. When a person starts to write content on a topic, it takes many hours and sometimes even a few days, but this AI assistance tool called SpeedWrite can give you the same content with a unique form in less time.

This article provides an overview of the program and how it works. You can also learn more by following this platform. Speedwriting is a favorite tool for every writer. You are constantly amazed by how quickly you can complete a project with it. Anyone can become a great fan of it and use it all the time. After using it, you can recommend people to try it once and see how it works.

Content writers can benefit from this tool, as it can help them create unique and engaging content in less time. With the help of AI, the SpeedWrite tool can also perform various tasks, such as rewriting entire articles.

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What is SpeedWrite?

The SpeedWrite platform works with AI assistance, allowing writers to create and share their work in seconds. Speedwrite is accessible to many professionals and students. It enables people to create documents in less time by following traditional methods. SpeedWrite is useful for writing various contents like letters, reports, and web pages with the help of artificial intelligence assistance.

SpeedWrite helps you to turn your ideas into a unique form of content that you can use for different purposes, and it will create a draft algorithm based on your written few lines. This platform converts the writing manner into an editing approach, which means you can conveniently edit the required content rather than writing the entire article with updated sentences.

Speed Write provides you with two different ways of usage. One is SpeedWrite, and the other is SpeedWrite Creative. SpeedWrite is used for copy-pasting purposes, which means you can copy the content from a related website and paste, and the AI assistance Speed Write will predict the copy-pasted content. The other is Speed Write Creative which allows you to write the sample line, and based on that written sample line, it will create the required unique paragraphs for the content.

How does SpeedWriter work?

The interface of the SpeedWrite platform is easy to understand, and the two methods of creating content are simple. Here you can see the complete process of using the Speed Writer platform to get the required unique content.

Follow the below steps to utilize the SpeedWrite method,

  • Firstly, select the required topic with existing content on the webpage. Open the SpeedWrite website on the other tab on the supported web browser.
  • Those who want to use the SpeedWriter website must create an account. After registering, login with the registered user credentials, and click on the SpeedWrite option, which displays first on the home screen.
  • Copy the required level of content from the selected existing webpage and paste it on the SpeedWrite website, then click on the Prediction option for each paragraph. If the sentences in the passages are immense in words, then you can split them and predict the perfect content on the other side of the webpage.
  • After finishing the prediction, check the predicted content, save it, and export it by selecting the options available on the below right side of the screen.

Follow the steps to use the SpeedWrite Creative method.

  • Open the Speed Write on the supported web browser and complete the login process. After that, select the SpeedWrite Creative method, which gives a second option on the main screen.
  • After selecting SpeedWrite Creative, you can see the text box below the screen and enter the text containing at least ten words, and automatically, the appropriate paragraph text is suggested through SpeedWrite Creative.
  • There are two options, one is to change the suggested paragraph, and the other is to add the passage. Every time you enter the text, it will show an alternative text, and you can add it, and thus you can complete the perfect blog post.

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What are the features of SpeedWrite?

SpeedWrite makes it more popular, and many people tend to use this website to make their content more unique and perfect for blog posting, marketing purposes, and magazine articles.

  • The work process of the website is stunning, and it can give a unique context.
  • It reduces your time and effort, which allows you to experience world-class content writing.
  • Hundreds of people trust this website and use this platform for their every professional need.
  • It allows you a free trial for some predictions, but it’s only partially a free tool to use continuously.
  • The subscription plans of the SpeedWrite are as follows, the monthly price for a subscription is $7.99, and it allows 6000 predictions. The semi-annual plan is $39.95, and the annual pricing is $59.9 for both subscriptions, also allowing 6000 predictions per month.
  • Anyone can create an account with registered credentials to utilize the features of the SpeedWriter platform.
  • Many people use the SpeedWrite tool for different purposes, like blog postings, university students, professionals, and creatives.
  • This auto-generated AI assistance will give the comfort and convenience of content creation.

Alternatives of the SpeedWrite

The best choices are available for SpeedWrite, as it produces unique content within less time. Many similar platforms work with the same similarities, and here is the list of the alternatives for SpeedWrite.


The Rytr website allows you to get content for multiple purposes, and with the help of AI assistance, Rytr gives the prioritized content. This platform produces almost 30+ languages to make your content marketing all over countries. You need to enter your content text and preference, and you will see the ultimate result from the Rytr platform.

It collaborates with an SEO analyzer to provide a seamless experience to the users, and the users need a subscription for continuous use of Rytr features. The plan for the subscription is $9 per month and $29 per year, and it gives importance to the reliability of the content.


Quillbot is a rewriting content tool that converts existing content into fresh and new content, and many customized options make you edit your content according to your requirements. There are some modes of content like Standard, Fluency, Simple, Creative, and others to rephrase and produce the finest sentences.

The Quillbot platform comes with grammar and plagiarism checks so that you can have spotless content for multiple purposes, and it has the ability of extension for Google Chrome and MS Office. It is also not possible to create new content but only gives alternative sentence suggestions, and it is available for free, and the premium plan is $8.33 per month.


This ProWritingAid is one of the best alternatives for SpeedWrite, as it works similarly with similar features to get the required content. ProWritingAid can auto-generate unique suggestions with the help of AI assistance. You can also integrate the ProWritingAid platform with applications like Gmail, Google Drive, etc.

This AI-assisted ProWritingAid has multiple tools that allow you to stay in the top content writing position. The main drawback of this website is it provides sentence suggestions for the existing content rather than creating new content.

A few more alternatives for SpeedWrite are as follows:

  • Jasper AI
  • GrowthBar
  • Copy.ai
  • Paraphrase.io
  • Spinbot
  • Outwrite
  • Simplified
  • CopySmith
  • Hypotenuse.AI
  • AnyWord
  • Article Forge
  • Wordtune
  • SpinnerChief
  • Chimp Rewriter
  • Rewrite Guru
  • Word AI
  • WriteSonic
  • EassyBot
  • Instatext.io
  • Smartarticlewriter
  • Drassignmnet
  • Shortlyai
  • Aiarticlespinner
  • Smodin

Final Words

The Tool of SpeedWrite benefits everyone who wants to create content for different purposes, and it fulfills every need of content creation irrespective of the zoner. Besides, all the alternatives are stunning tools that work with the help of AI assistance to have an excellent user experience, and this can be useful for university students, Business Professionals, Blog Creators, and Article writers.

All these platforms come with free limited trials, but a subscription to the website is compulsory to use the full features to get unique content. In this digital world, there is vast competition between content writers, and even in the future, only these platforms will be used to create content rather than people writing manually. Because of its features and mainly it reduces the time and effort to get the required content incredibly, and in the present & even in the future, we might see many more AI-assisted platforms with spectacular and new updated versions to rule the Digital technological world immensely.

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