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Amazon Eero 6 Review: Best Mesh Set With WiFi 6

Amazon Eero 6, our in-depth review of the new ultra-high performance Mesh WiFi set with WiFi 6 support. Amazon Eero 6  is the latest generation WiFi mesh system, a worthy successor to the Eero we reviewed in 2021, which has essentially the same features, with the addition of support for  WiFi 6. On sale at a list price of  299 euros, obviously on Amazon, the set includes3 components in a package, a control unit connected directly to the home router, and two satellites placed in the most remote corners of the home. Let’s find out closely in our full review.

Aesthetics And Design

All components are aesthetically and dimensionally identical. They are made of glossy white plastic, which gets dirty quickly and captures fingerprints, but resistant enough,  they do not appear too soft or ready to break at the slightest impact. The materials used are of excellent overall quality, the footprint is minimal, as they reach 99.4 x 97 x 61.4 mm, and we must also admit they are very pleasing and elegant to the eye.

The differences between the two satellites reside more than anything else in the rear connectivity since the main one to be connected to the modem has two 1Gbps ethernet ports, the others have only the USB Type-C port to be used to physically connect the product to the mains for the ‘Power supply. On the surface, there are no physical buttons. The presence of the rubber in the lower part is intelligent and sensible to promote grip and prevent slipping.


The Amazon Eero 6 is a WiFi mesh system compatible with WiFi 6. Therefore, its goal is to create a  unified network alternative to the original one of the modem, expanding it over the largest possible surface, thanks to the presence of two satellites. The use is allowed with any telephone operator, without limits or particular constraints. The test set is recommended for users who have to cover an extensive area, up to  420 square meters. Naturally, cheaper solutions can also be purchased and suitable for those with a slightly smaller house (the single satellite, for example, covers 140 square meters). 

Compatibility with WiFi 6  makes it ideal for owners of optical fiber (up to 512Mbps, then Eero 6 Pro is recommended) and for those who want to connect many devices simultaneously, with perfect bandwidth management of its subdivision. If interested in the datasheet, we would like to point out that there is a 1.6GHz quad-core processor, a4GB flash memory, or ROM, to end up with  512MB of RAM. In terms of functionality, the product allows the connection of  75 devices at the same time, with the plus of also acting as a  hub for the intelligent management of the accessories included in the home, thanks to the use of the  Zigbee standard, without forgetting full compatibility with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

Performance And Use

The most convincing aspect of the Amazon Eero 6  is its plug & play nature. That is a product suitable even for novice users who do not want (or do not know) to change too many parameters. After connecting it to the modem and connecting the satellites via Bluetooth, the game is done; everything is followed step by step by a handy guide on the mobile application to test even the less accustomed user. 

Always from the same, it will be possible to manage the various components individually, adding filters, blocking their use, verifying how much bandwidth they are using, which devices are connected, and so on, for in-depth connectivity management and an overall transparent system, simple to use. Use, and absolutely well done. The maximum speed achieved with  Amazon Eero 6  was approximately  500Mbps in download, with very proper coverage in a house of about 250 square meters. Bandwidth management did not report any difficulties, even connecting approximately 15 devices simultaneously (remember that it supports up to  75 ), we did not have any problem.

Amazon Eero 6: Conclusions

In conclusion, Amazon Eero 6  is an excellent product, both for build quality, performance, and ease of use. It fully satisfies the expectations of every type of user, from the less experienced to the one who wants to change every single parameter, always keeping every single aspect of connectivity under control.

The positive aspects are all these, and we could list more, a sign that, in any case, we are talking about a perfect device from every point of view. The only negativity we find perhaps in the final sale price, as anticipated, the single “router” has a cost of  149 euros. For the router + extender package, 239 euros are needed, which rises to  299 euros for the set we tested.


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