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Apple iOS 15: Features And News

This led to Apple iOS 15: the most current operating system of the company founded by Steve Jobs. IOS 15 was announced on June 7, 2021, and was officially released on September 20. Its most recent release at the time of this article’s publication is 15.5.5, dated May 16, 2022. iPhone is compatible with iOS 15, starting from the 6s model to the 12 Pro Max model. This operating system is standard for all iPhone 13 models and third-generation iPhone SE. The iOS 15 operating system has many improvements related to functions and apps already present in Apple smartphones

For example, it automatically organizes messages, links, photos and content shared with a user within a specific folder of the reference app. It also offers a wholly renewed appearance of the notifications: the contacts’ photos and the app icons have been enlarged to allow the user to identify them without effort. Maps have also been significantly implemented, adding information about altitude, pedestrian crossings and even trees along any path. Finally, the Note app was developed thanks to the easy use of tags. With iOS 15, users can add tags to different notes, such as #recipes or #work. Then they can use the tags to carry out cross-searches within other notes and categories. 

Among the most exciting innovations, this new operating system is worth mentioning, first of all, “Active text “. This function allows you to locate text by framing it with the camera of an iPhone iOS 15. This text can then be copied and pasted: it can be used to make a call or perhaps to send an email. Another novelty is the so-called “Full immersion”. A setting that allows you to filter the receipt of notifications in an automated way based on the type of activity being carried out. Among the full immersions suggested directly by iOS are “Work”, “Rest”, and “Personal”. 

Apple iOS 15: Health And Safety

In recent years, the various iOS iPhones have focused heavily on the health and safety of their users. These are two topics that have also become very important in terms of international public debate. From the point of view of health, iOS 15 focuses on an immediate sharing of information with the circle of their loved ones. Users can send each other data relating to their conditions in real-time to immediately identify any changes in their health status. In this sense, the operating system even allows you to share information relating to the analysis of the stability of a walk. 

Harmless data, however, will enable us to understand if a person has been the victim of a fall. Starting from iOS 15.1, the possibility of inserting your vaccine card in the Wallet has also been added: an app dedicated to the safe storage of credit cards, debit cards, identity documents and other sensitive information. The latest Apple software update has also implemented various privacy protection functions: especially those of iCloud, now renamed iCloud +. Among the most exciting news are the multiple possibilities related to “Hide my email “.

This function allows you to create unique and random email addresses, to be used in the most disparate situations: when filling out a form on the web or perhaps when replying to a message from an unknown sender. The new Privacy settings on iOS 15 prevent email senders from seeing if and when a message is opened. They cannot obtain information about your email exchanges, track your online activity or determine your location. Finally, space for novelty is closely linked to the historical period in which we live. With the software update to iOS 15.4, it is possible to unlock the Face ID facial recognition even while wearing the mask. However, this feature is only available for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models. 


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