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Exclusive Prime 11 & 12 October Deals: Business On Amazon

October 11 and 12 are the days of the Prime Exclusive Offers, intended for Amazon customers: how to reap the benefits and not run into unpleasant surprises. Prime Exclusive Offers have arrived. In the next two days, dedicated to Amazon Prime customers, users can shop by accessing exceptional discounts and save money by buying all their favorite products at advantageous prices. There will be many items on offer proposed by the most famous e-commerce company in the world. Users will have to navigate thousands and thousands of products, compare prices and seize bargains. To access it, however, you will need to respect some rules established by Amazon.

Prime Exclusive Offers: When To Seize Bargains And How To Access Amazon Discounts

Amazon Prime Days are always a hit. For this reason, following the recent increase in its subscription price, the company has decided to schedule 48 hours in which many products of the most loved brands on sale on the platform will be discounted. The offers will start at midnight on October 11th and end at 11:59 pm on October 12th. There will also be flash offers, which will last a few hours and will only be valid on a limited amount of products. Real opportunities are to be seized on the fly.

Only those who have subscribed to a Prime subscription can access it for € 4.90 per month or € 49.90 for the whole year. All those who are taking advantage of the 30-day free trial can also participate. The Prime subscription not only allows you to participate in the days of special offers, which are carried out at certain times of the year but also to be able to take advantage of free deliveries in 24 hours on many products, access Prime Video, Amazon Music, Amazon Photo, hundreds of free ebooks and many other services.

Amazon Exclusive Discounts: How To Save With The Amazon Prime Event

To save during the two days of Amazon Exclusive Offers, you need to stay calm, think carefully about the purchases you want to make and not be caught unprepared. Not all discounts are advantageous, as some retailers, in the previous days, raise the price of the products. A behavior not appreciated by Amazon but which unfortunately represents, albeit in very few cases, a reality. To avoid running into unpleasant surprises, you can use Google extensions or sites to monitor the price history of products. 

Among the best known are Camelcamelcamel and Keepa, which allow you to keep under control all the desired outcomes present in the catalog for free. They are also helpful for sellers to set optimal prices. Using Camelcamelcamel or Keepa, you can discover any abnormal product price changes, the lowest price ever applied, and the highest or average price. If you have the opportunity, it is good to check the costs of the items you want to buy, even in physical stores, to make a quick comparison.

11-12 October: Prime Exclusive Offers On Amazon

The only requirement to be able to participate in the appointment is a Prime subscription. Those who do not yet have it must do nothing but activate it immediately, taking advantage of the 30-day free trial at no cost and thus benefiting from free shipping on most of the catalog. Discounts are available for each product category: from information technology to electronics, but not only books, articles for the home and free time, to name a few.

We remind you that by activating the subscription to Amazon Prime, you are also entitled to the streaming of the entire catalog on the Prime Video platform. Among the contents, we find films, TV series, shows and sporting events such as the exclusive matches of the Champions League. In late September, Amazon announced its new event, Prime Exclusive Offers. The opportunity is great for those hungry for online shopping who do not want to wait for an appointment with Black Friday.


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