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Google Sheets And Microsoft Excel Compared

Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets are the two maximum used spreadsheet packages in the marketplace and let you create and control statistics in numbers, textual content and graphics inside a desk. The formulation is used to calculate results and construct relationships between personal values. The primary spreadsheet software appeared in the marketplace as early as 1979 under VisiCalc for Apple 2. Because of its creation, Microsoft Excel has been the direct desired spreadsheet application for the long term. 

In the meantime, stiff opposition has arisen to the google sheets online software. Excel belongs to the Microsoft office 365 package and is available for home windows and macOS. The program is hooked up directly on the laptop, in which it is commenced. Google sheets is a spreadsheet software a part of the google drive web provider, an open-supply software program on which you can find paintings immediately online. Consequently, no setup is required.

The Main Features For A Comparison Between Google Sheets And Excel

First, we want to show you the two spreadsheet programs from different points of view to offer you the first picture.

Offline Vs Online

The primary difference between ms excel and google sheets is how they paint. Excel is traditionally used domestically. So your paintings are on a record at once to your pc. On the contrary, google sheets are online. What does it suggest?

While with excel, it’s feasible to proportion the effects with different customers most straightforward thru email or other statistics vendors, with google sheets, multiple users with get entry to rights can see paintings at the file simultaneously. Every change is displayed in real-time, and an aspect chat window lets in communique between users. Excel presently has a cloud-based answer, allowing you to work online by logging into one drive.

Data Size

Many corporations marvel at how data processing on google sheets and excel differs. Logistics corporations, as an example, regularly must procedure vast amounts of statistics. Even as approximately 5,000,000 cells can be filled and processed on google sheets, excel offers 17,179,869,184. Therefore, Excel has an extra storage capacity; also, extended tables with complex formulations and multiple tabs are less difficult to manipulate.


The standard features of google sheets and excel do not differ considerably. Users who switch between applications are commonly acquainted with their respective roles. From placing diagrams to applying formulas, each application provides complete parts. The most effective component that adjusts inside the programs is the unique association and display of the options at the consumer interface. 

For instance, pivot tables can be created in excel with the usage of the “insert” tab. At the same time as on google sheets, the function is found underneath “records”. But, excel is the primary desire to use unique capabilities such as statistical analysis and macro or facts version creation. Although more and more operations are incorporated into google sheets, those special functions can be found in excel.


Viewing facts and figures in diagrams greatly simplifies knowledge of complicated relationships and makes figuring out traits less difficult. In excel, you find a dependable accomplice for information visualization. Moreover, Excel’s many years of experience provide a clear advantage over Google Sheets concerning first-rate graphical presentation. Assume the broader possibilities of the one-of-a-kind visualization and diagrams already created.


The usefulness of spreadsheet applications often depends on the possibilities of the usable formulation. Those greatly simplify work in lots of regions. Each google sheet and Microsoft excel have simple techniques which include sum, average, min or max. Customers who want to add values ​​or calculate a maximum weight will locate the corresponding formulation.

Excel has a wealth of advanced formulations concentrated on precise areas of labor. Google sheets earn a point compared to Microsoft Excel thanks to specific recipes consisting of google finance, which permits you to encompass stock marketplace costs. However, with excel, you have to work with complex formulas.

Ease Of Use

Whilst excel comes with a sizable menu, many functions and features. Google sheets are greater minimalist. Its miles are consequently perceived as more uncomplicated for many customers. Many people feel constrained by using excel’s capabilities and features and find google sheets an extra truthful software. But, it should be remembered that the excel toolbar is extra lovely and permits you to make corrections and adjustments with a single click on the desired image. 

Since google sheets only have a menu, it’s regularly necessary to click on it on systems to get the desired feature. What you could effortlessly neglect with google sheets is manual saving. The saving process takes place mechanically at regular durations. In excel, discover this feature within the latest version. Your excel spreadsheet can be stored automatically if you see the “autosave” icon. If connected to one drive, the facts might be automatically saved to the cloud. Otherwise, you will have to preserve your facts frequently via clicking on the corresponding icon.


In current years, excel has made a few improvements in phrases of safety, as password-protected documents will be hacked without any problem. These days, the security measures are better if you use the one drive cloud. In principle, when saved domestically, nothing can manifest on your records as long as you’ve got a good antivirus application. Google sheets work solely inside the cloud, so the information is virtualized in the community. In precept, hackers should get entry to it. However, with an HTTPS connection and -element authentication, google sheets could be very comfy.


As for the fee aspect of the two applications, the clean winner is google sheets, as it’s far a loose provider. Microsoft Excel is protected in the workplace package deal, which requires an annual license. Excel also can be purchased as standalone software for a single price. Google Sheets or Microsoft excel: which software is proper for you? Each package provides well-known comprehensive functions. The evolution of the previous couple of years has proven that google sheets have controlled to fill some sectors. But, excel stays undisputed in many respects, consisting of the processing of information dimensions, the graphical illustration of diagrams and the extensive offer of the formulation. 

For customers, the competition between the two tech giants is encouraging, as google sheets are integrating increasingly usual excel features, while excel is ramping up work within the cloud. You need to opt for excel if you price the capabilities, photos and complete formulas. If you need to calculate complex datasets, massive tables with many tabs and sense confidence in your paintings, excel is the spreadsheet application for you. If, on the other hand, you need a less complicated model and need to work without problems with extra people, you must pick google sheets.


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