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How To Choose Your New Television?

Choosing a new TV is no small feat. It is not enough to decide on the brand but it is also important to consider other technical elements. This can be difficult for non-connoisseurs, so it is essential to be well-informed and surround yourself with real professionals before making the purchase. If you need to know more, discover in this article some information and advice that will help you not to be mistaken when making your choice.

Choosing Between LED And OLED Technology

The first thing to do is choose the best TV brand. Then you have to decide between LED and OLED technology. LED TV is the upgraded version of LCD TV. The latter, almost no longer available on the market, has given way to technology offering better image quality. It is equipped with a quantum box filter allowing it to diffuse more vivid colors. It generally has a curved screen, thanks to which you will enjoy better visual comfort. Mechanical components characterize LED TV.

Regarding OLED technology, now it came out recently and has established itself in the high end. Therefore, it turns out to be more expensive. Indeed, it has advantages allowing it to be distinguished from LED TVs. If the need for backlighting is, for example, still important for the latter, this is no longer the case for OLED television because the diodes each emit their light. The contrast ratios of this technology are also high, with fairly deep shades of black. We must not forget the viewing angle, which turns out to be wider for the OLED.

Other Criteria To Consider

Having decided on the abovementioned criteria, you now need to consider the screen size. A large-screen TV in your living room is much better than a small 16-inch screen. In any case, you can choose according to the room where you plan to install it. For a bedroom, for example, a 32-inch model or even lower may be quite suitable. At the same time, also be sure to find out about the definition of the screen. If you consider yourself a fairly traditional consumer, if you are the type to watch DVDs, and DTT suits you perfectly, a full HD TV is recommended. 

On the other hand, if you are rather modern and you play, for example, the latest version of the PlayStation game, it is better to opt for ultra HD. In addition, there is a connection. In other words, its ability to connect to other devices. To be more clear, does the TV have enough HDMI ports? Can it also easily connect to your smartphone? Finally, we must not forget the design side. The latter concerns not only the shape of the screen but also that of the feet of the device. They should blend in well with your decor.

Some Buying Advice

The price of a television will depend on its range, technology, and the various functions integrated into it. To be sure of getting a good deal, it would be ideal to purchase during promotional periods. Depending on the event, you can obtain a reduction of up to 30% or even more. Also, do not hesitate to seek the advice of professionals, as they will explain more about the technical details of the television. Also, don’t forget to discover the different possible settings before bringing the device to your home.

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