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How To Draw A Logo With Inkscape

Drawing a logo with Inkscape becomes simple even for a beginner: here is the guide to follow to use vector graphics software. When you decide to create a new business, and you are defining the brand identity of the company, you must necessarily pass from the phase of creating the logo, that is, the presentation of the brand, one of the first things that strike the customer, even before the products or of the services it offers.

To design a simple but captivating logo that reflects the company’s soul, you can decide to rely on a professional graphic designer or try to create it yourself. In the second case, the first thing you need is a program suitable for creating logos. The market offers different alternatives for all tastes: advanced graphics programs such as Photoshop and InDesign to free software such as Gimp, without forgetting Internet sites dedicated to graphics such as Canva. Among all these options, this guide will show how to create a logo with Inkscape, one of the best free software downloadable directly to your device.

How Inkscape Is Structured

Inkscape is an open-source software considered the economical alternative to the famous Illustrator program of the Adobe Suite, available on Windows and macOS. To download the program, go to the official Inkscape website and select the type of device from which you are operating. Once you have selected the most suitable option, click Download and Download. Follow the steps of the installation wizard and, once finished, open the program. The main screen of Inkscape presents itself with a blank worksheet in the center, surrounded by different menus and tools. 

To the work’s left is a toolbar with the main drawing tools present on the platform, such as the geometric shapes of the rectangle, star, and circle. Below you can see the color palette that allows you to customize all the figures that will be created, while in the bar at the top, there are the commands for some of the quick functions provided by the program.  The homepage’s upper part comprises several menus, allowing you to access the changes, paths, and characteristics relating to each object inserted in the work area.

How To Create A Logo With Inkscape

To design a logo on Inkscape, you can start with a simple figure. Select the Rectangle tool and draw the shape. Change the color by choosing the shade you prefer from the color palette below. Use the Create Stars and Polygons tool to draw an image of a star. Change the colors of the two images, so they are recognizable even if they overlap. If you want, change the outline’s color if they are lines. Inkscape also allows you to change the appearance and characteristics of each drawn figure. 

Taking the newly created star as an example, select the object with the Select and Transform Objects tool, symbolized by the arrow icon on the left menu. Select the figure again and choose the Edit Paths from the Nodes tool. At this point, a black dot will appear on each end of the figure. Take the vertex you want to modify and move it, keeping the mouse pressed until the desired result is achieved. Make a copy of the new figure by going to the Edit menu at the top and choosing the Duplicate option. Return to the selection tool, select the figure and move the image’s copy with the cursor above the first one.

Create A Logo With Inkscape From Two Figures

At this point, move one of the two figures out of the worksheet and place a copy on the rectangle already created. Select the entire image consisting of the rectangle and the modified star shape. Go to the Plot menu and choose the different options. The modified star placed above the rectangle figure will disappear, leaving a space inside the rectangle itself. Reposition the dubbed image to leave a minimum of the white border on the sides to give a three-dimensional effect. 

If you want to add text, click on the icon with the A from the left menu, which indicates the tool Create and modify textual objects. Go to the point on the work surface where you want to insert the text and create a rectangle inside which you can type a word or a series of phrases. In the menu at the top, you can change the text’s font, the characters’ size, spacing, and alignment. To save the final paper:

  1. Open the File menu at the top and choose the Save as a button.
  2. Enter the drawing name in the new window and choose the location where you want to save it on the device.
  3. Choose the format from the drop-down menu at the bottom and click Save.

Other Useful Features For Creating A Logo With Inkscape

It should be remembered that Inkscape is a software dedicated to vector graphics, which also allows you to work on different levels. Click on the Level menu to insert an additional level and choose Add. A box will open in which you are asked to enter the name of the level and its position by choosing from those available in the drop-down menu. Then click on Add. Using the Filters menu, you can apply many different effects to each object in the work area. Before accessing the menu, select the object you want to modify, click on Filters and choose the preferred effect.


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