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How To Make Money Online? The Limit Is Your Creativity!

If you follow this blog a little, you’ll know that we recently held the mini-course “From zero to SEO in a nutshell” here, and this article was born out of considerations made in the hall at the end of the event. I have seen many young people taking notes on the possibilities of monetization, and the truth is that the Web offers possibilities for everyone.

There are no limits except your creativity: open your mind, choose your niche, and work hard to study the tools that will allow you to achieve the desired results. Not sure where to start? Skills can be acquired. All the people who figured out how to make money online started from scratch. The difference between those who succeed and those who do not is largely in the commitment.

That said, when we talk about the subject, we often refer to only a few sectors or “systems” that allow you to make money through the Internet. There are so many roads that you must identify which one is yours. Today some people have made the Web a real profession, and on the Internet, it is possible to find many sites that talk about this: in this article, therefore, I summarize some of the opportunities offered by the Internet for those who want to get closer to this world.

Make Money With A Blog

One of the most popular systems for earning online, but which often fails to give many individuals an “interesting” economic return, is that of blogs: you create a blog (on a free platform or by buying a domain and then inserting WordPress), you customize it, publish articles and insert the classic Google AdSense banners.

This is the most frequent experience that anyone who wants to approach this world has today. Unfortunately, however, often the results do not live up to expectations: today, the earnings that can be obtained with AdSense, depending on the sector in which you choose to operate (i.e., the topic covered on your blog), are quite low and to earn 1000 euros you need to have a lot of traffic and visits to your blog.

Tip: Before starting a blog to make money, cover a topic you’re passionate about. You can’t become an expert on something you don’t like. Then do some preliminary analysis and use Google’s free keyword research tool ( Keyword Planner ) and study the market, then try to understand if there is an interest in the topic you will be dealing with… before dealing with it.

Make Money Online With Youtube

This is also an increasingly popular route for young and very young people: create a channel and become a YouTuber! You can’t make money with YouTube because becoming a true “YouTube Star” isn’t that simple: the competition is very high, and, above all, successful YouTubers must be constantly and original in publishing their videos.

Can you make money with YouTube? Absolutely yes, becoming a YouTube Star, but to do so, it’s not enough to do “Sub4Sub” (i.e., subscribe to channels and ask people to subscribe to yours). You need to have a clear strategy and possibly a thematic channel. You will obviously need to know how to work with videos, so you will need to be good at making them and editing them. The age group most present on YouTube is young people, who spend many hours watching the “stars of the web.” Among the contents that are most viewed on YouTube, there are certainly reviews and gameplay.

Earn With Facebook

One of the most common searches for those who want to understand how to make money online is just how to make money with Facebook. To make money with Facebook, you need to have a page with hundreds of thousands of fans and know how to leverage that page.

Some have created merchandising by creating a real community around the page, those who use it to convey traffic to their blog or website, and those who earn by sharing videos that go viral through CPM advertisements (you get paid, in practice, based on the number of views). You can also make money with Facebook through affiliations (affiliate marketing) and Facebook Ads: many marketers use Facebook today to convey traffic to landing pages and affiliate campaigns that allow them to earn rather important figures!

Make Money Online With Creativity

Are you creative? Do you like drawing? For example, you could create t-shirts with your creativity: try the Spreadshirt service that allows you to “sell your designs” and earn money every time someone chooses your design for their t-shirt. Spreadshirt will cover everything: printing, shipping, choice of materials, logistics, and customer care. You have to create designs for t-shirt prints that are original, captivating, and nice: the market will then tell you if your idea works!

When you publish your design on Spreadshirt, you can decide the amount credited to you for each “design” sold. However, you must establish a maximum price of 15 euros per unit. However, the site supports you by indicating how to calculate the amount of your motif/design. If you publish various designs, you can create a real shop within Spreadshirt and thus increase your sales!

Earning With Online Crafts is number one when buying and selling one-of-a-kind items. It’s where people from all over the world gather: Creative entrepreneurs use Etsy to sell what they create or curate, and buyers are looking for something they can’t find anywhere else. Founded in 2005, now has more than 35 million items for sale and 1.6 million active sellers, reaching $2.39 billion in gross sales 2015 in nearly every country in the world. Within Etsy, you can sell your handmade, vintage, or hard-to-find materials; it is an incredibly famous community worldwide.

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