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How To Make Presentations With ChatGPT

In this guide, we will see how to make presentations using ChatGPT. Presentations are very popular at work and school and result from a complex project often characterized by an overlap of images and text. It is necessary to arm oneself with patience and time to develop a good job, even if the corruption of new technologies has made it possible to simplify the processes.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence systems, it is possible to create presentations with ChatGPT quickly and easily. The latter can generate text based on requests (which will probably have to follow the main theme of the project), while the combined use of SlidesAI (a tool specially designed for Google Slides ) can be decisive for automating the development of our presentations, with a consequent saving of time. If the idea has appealed to you, continue reading our in-depth analysis to understand how to do it. 

How To Create Presentations With ChatGPT And SlidesAI

As we have anticipated in these first few lines, creating presentations with ChatGPT requires the use of equally important tools: we refer, in particular, to SlidesAI, whose free version is limited in some of its features and, therefore, in the long run, could hinder the work of those who, perhaps, usually create presentations for work. You should know that the free version of SlidesAI has limits: specifically, it allows the creation of three presentations per month, while the text of each presentation cannot exceed 2500 characters; in addition, there is also a limit of ten slides. 

Therefore, consider these limitations before opting for a free version or purchasing a paid plan. But what are the steps to take? First, we need to develop the presentation theme with the help of ChatGPT. The latter can be very useful for generating the text for our project. To obtain an appreciable result, it is necessary to provide ChatGPT with some basic information on the presentation, the topic, the main points to be treated, and how the speech should be set up. Before asking ChatGPT something, we suggest you draft your work by dividing the topic into points or macro-areas. 

Furthermore, searching the Internet for the topic will allow you to obtain further information or insights that can be inserted into the project. Therefore, open the website using any program to browse the Internet (for example, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox ) and log in to your OpenAI account by clicking the green Log button In. After completing the system’s required data entry, you will be redirected to a new conversation with ChatGPT. At this point, ChatGPT will develop the topic for you. Inaccuracies are, however, to be taken into account. 

In any case, the text pitted by ChatGPT can constitute a good basis to broaden the theme in a transversal way further, perhaps inserting personal ideas or enriching the work with details. Once the presentation text has been generated, install SlidesAI for Google Slides from the Extensions menu. This useful add-on is, in fact, the second (important) part of the job, as it will develop the presentation for you, automating the processes. All you have to do is insert the text taken from ChatGPT (and possibly modified or improved) and choose a theme style: with a few clicks, your work will be ready for use. 

How To Use SlidesAI To Create Google Slides

Here’s how:

  1. Open any program to browse the Internet
  2. Go to the Google Slides site
  3. Create a blank presentation by clicking the Blank plus (+) button
  4. Enter the Extensions menu
  5. Tap Add-ons and select Install Add-ons
  6. Look for SlidesAI in the new dialog and click on it. Select your Google account
  7. Press the Install button

Now log in to your Google account by entering your email address and password, then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation procedure. Now that SlidesAI is installed, let’s see how to create slideshows with ChatGPT. Recover the empty presentation you created at the beginning: SlidesAI will automatically add new slides and insert the content for you. To do this, you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Extensions menu.
  2. Select SlidesAI and click Generate Slides.
  3. Select the language and set up your profile, answering ” What is your role? ” and ” How did you hear about us? “
  4. If you don’t have an invite code, tap ” I don’t have an invite code.”
  5. Paste the text proposed by ChatGPT in the Insert text field.
  6. Select the type of presentation and the number of slides in the right menu.
  7. Check to Add images to have SlidesAI add images.
  8. Tick ​​Add Titles and Thank You Slide to have SlidesAI add these elements.
  9. Select Replace Existing Slides
  10. Now enter the Themes tab (item on the left) and select a style.
  11. After setting everything, return to the Text tab (item on the left) and press the Create Slides button.

At this point, the game is done: SlidesAI will automatically use the text generated by ChatGPT to create the slides for the presentation. Do not be alarmed if the procedure could take longer than necessary. Using Magic Write, you can also search or replace images with images suggested by Artificial Intelligence. Click on Magic Write to access the AI ​​toolset, click ” Recommend images, “then choose the image that best suits you.

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