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How Twitter Commerce Works, The Function To Sell Online

Twitter is also preparing to offer users a feature to sell products on social networks: what is Twitter Commerce, and how does it work. For some time now, online sales have also been moving to social network platforms, such as Facebook with its Marketplace and the Shop section of Instagram. Also, Twitter 2021 announced its intention to introduce an ad hoc functionality to sell products or services on its platform. 

This is Twitter Commerce, which would allow you to add details about the product purchased directly from the social network in the tweets, thanks to the integration of a special ” Shop ” button. At the moment, the function is not yet available. Still, it could arrive shortly, so much so that those who own e-commerce and want to expand their virtual showcases on social networks should not be caught unprepared: they will need an integrated and effective social media marketing strategy . Here’s what Twitter Commerce is and how it works.

What Is Twitter Commerce

The new service that Twitter wants to offer on its social platform provides the possibility of direct selling and buying products between tweets. The feature will be called Twitter Commerce, which is a response to services like product pins on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook shops. Using the platform, users can buy a product safely, while sellers and creators will be able to find a profit using the social network’s Marketplace. The integration of the new functionality will therefore require marketing strategies that are well planned and implemented on Twitter.

How Twitter Commerce Will Work

At the moment, Twitter Commerce is in the testing phase. Still, it is already possible to trace the primary operating characteristics of the new social tool intended for online content creators. Two new sections will be visible on the sidebar of the Twitter screen: Purchase, to keep track of purchases made, and Monetization, to view content that helps creators monetize. In the main Twitter feed, however, there will be a new carousel module where you can view the product sheets in a slideshow. A user who lands on a brand’s Twitter account can view the products for sale and purchase them with clicks. 

The reason why having a social presence on Twitter has become more and more critical. Another essential element is, therefore, the product sheets. The goal of the social network is to find the right formula that can be halfway between a twitter in the classic format and an e-commerce product sheet, which contains all the necessary information for the description of the product and its price. For example, you could create a tweet that describes the product, including a button next to those to comment or retweet that also allows you to buy, for example, a Shop button.

Twitter Commerce: When It Arrives

For some time also, Twitter has been looking for its key to monetizing through the platform, which was born as a free social network. The official release date of the new feature has not yet been announced, which will also bring Twitter users the possibility of being able to sell products on the social network, as they already do with Facebook or Instagram. What is certain is that the social network is testing the features of the function so that once the beta test phase is over, it can be released to all users.

The arrival of Twitter Commerce could be linked to another function intended for monetization: the Super follow. Twitter is working to implement Super Follow accounts with additional features and high-level content, where you will have to pay a subscription to become a follower. Super Follow users must therefore create exclusive content reserved for their subscribers. These are meaningful innovations that, once activated, will give social media managers a hard time. They will have to find the best way to integrate the new online sales platform into their marketing strategies and make the most of it for their brands.


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