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iOS 16 Update: The iPhone Battery Runs Out Immediately

A few days after iOS 16, users complain of problems with the battery that drains quickly, and Apple is ready to run for cover. A few days after the new iOS 16, many Apple users are experiencing various problems with their devices. Many share their experiences online, complaining of slowdowns and worse smartphone performance, including shorter battery life. The most frequent reports are also iMessage and FaceTime malfunctions, especially on older devices. 

iOS 16, Excessive Battery Consumption

After any update of the scope of iOS 16, shorter battery life is a “normal” phenomenon. This happens because, especially in the first hours after installation, the device indexes activities in the background to restore the system to the best. However, after the latest update, many users complained of excessive battery consumption even after several days of installation.

This problem, however, would not affect all devices, and Apple specialists are still examining the various options. Among the first recommended solutions is to disable the tactile feedback for the virtual keyboard of iOS 16, which could be among the causes of the rapid exhaustion of the smartphone charge.

iOS 16: All Reported Issues 

Among the other malfunctions reported for the new iOS 16, many are experiencing a slow Spotlight search. From the reports sent, it seems that the smartphone would take more than 10 seconds to load the results, while in some cases, it would not. In the last few hours on Reddit and MacRumors, the posts of many users also speak of an annoying “flicker” in the iPhone 14 Pro camera and an equally annoying bug related to games and apps that use controls with three or more fingers.

The latter had already been reported and fixed at the time of iOS 13, but it would be back in the foreground with the latest system update. Among the most frequent problems are those concerning much slower devices (especially for older iPhones) and problems accessing FaceTime and iMessage that would continually crash, making it impossible to use the App.

Abnormal Battery Discharge

After each major iOS update, such as iOS 16, it is common for iPhone to run out of battery life faster. This is because, at least in the first hours after installation, the system starts indexing activities in the background; however, some users on Twitter, as well as the MacRumors and Reddit forums, are reporting battery over-discharge even several days after installation.

Other users are reporting an improvement in battery life over iOS 15, so the experience is mixed at the moment. Apple recently acknowledged that enabling haptic feedback for the virtual keyboard in iOS 16 could negatively impact battery life, so users who experience battery drain too quickly might try to disable this feature.

Apple Runs For Cover: Updates Are Coming

Currently, the company has confirmed that it is already aware of many of the network malfunctions and is already working to solve them. As early as next week, a new update should be available to correct (at least in part) the most severe problems of iOS 16. From what leaked on the net, Apple’s priorities would be the camera issue and the three-finger bug. However, there would still be no official news on battery consumption which, in reality, is among the most limiting problems.


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