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New Benefits For Google One Subscribers

Google One updates all subscribers with new features developed specifically for photo and video editing with Google Photos. The Google One service, as it is well known, was born as a subscription to the Big G cloud storage platform (Google Drive), guaranteeing from 100 GB up to 2 TB of additional space based on the type of subscription. Over time, Google has enriched the subscription with various user benefits, such as free VPN. 

Recently, with a tweet on the official profile, the Mountain View giant anticipated the arrival of further advantages: new photo and video editing tools for Google Photos for all who use it from a computer. Among the newly added features, Google One subscribers can use Portrait Light, Portrait Blur, Color Pop, Sky and HDR improvements provided. However, we have an updated browser and a PC with at least 4 GB of RAM installed.

Google One: What The Update Changes

All Google One cloud storage service subscribers can access the new photo and video editing tools from a computer. There will be no need to download additional apps. Access the official Google Photos page and, possibly, log in with your account. Among the editing tools already available, it is worth mentioning the Magic Eraser, which allows you to remove unwanted people and objects in photos. 

The Styles mode allows users to create personalized collages and classic manual adjustments to the various photos and videos, including several Filters. As for the new update, however, Google One also finds a place in Portrait Light (Portrait Light), which allows the user to easily change the angle of the light and adjust the brightness of the photos. Portrait Blur allows you to apply a background blur on all those shots that show people in the foreground. 

Colour Pop, on the other hand, transforms the background of images to black and white while keeping the colors of the foreground subjects intact. The HDR mode, which, as is well known, improves the brightness and contrast settings of images and videos. Finally, Sky (Sky Feature) allows the user to adjust the color and contrast of the sky in the photos.

Google’s VPN

The Google One VPN is designed to mask the user’s IP address, preventing sites and apps from collecting information useful for locating and tracking our web activities. Like any other VPN, it also offers protection from hackers and network operators and is available to all Google One subscribers, including the basic package of 1.99 euros. It is fair to point out that the Google service does not offer the same features that other companies can boast, such as Nord VPN: a service made famous by half of Youtube, and beyond, through constant sponsorships. 

Google’s VPN doesn’t allow you to choose between foreign servers, so it can’t be used to take advantage of another country’s Netflix catalog. The Google One VPN allows you to hide your identity while browsing, making it a more appropriate choice to protect our data, which is easily exposed when we surf the web. To combat online scams, a new feature, the “dark web report”, has also been introduced, currently available to Google One subscribers only in the United States. 

Google’s new tool is designed to warn users when some personal data is found on the dark web: The service scans dark web pages, i.e. pages that Google presumably doesn’t index, looking for your personal information. You can choose what data to keep track of – whether your name, address, email, and so on – and ask Google to notify you if your data is found where it shouldn’t be.

Google One: How Much Does The Subscription Cost

Available plans provide additional storage space, unlock new photo editing features, customer support, Google VPN, sharing with up to five users, and other exclusive member benefits. The differences in the cost of the subscription depend exclusively on the guaranteed additional storage space and are divided into three different plans:

  1. Basic Plan 100 GB: 1.99 euros/month
  2. Standard Plan 200 GB: 2.99 euros/month
  3. 2 TB Premium Plan: 9.99 euros/month

Furthermore, by subscribing to a plan, you get a 10% refund on the Google Store for purchasing Google-branded devices and accessories.

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