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Our Five Tools For Working Remotely

We have always been used to working remotely. Collaboration between the two offices is essential for us. In the last period, the term smart working has become trendy due to the coronavirus emergency. We started this way of working at the start of the crisis.

Still, this change was simple: having two offices, one in Desio and one in Genoa, we were already used to and organized for remote working. There are various tools to manage your work better, and we would like to share with you the leading five solutions.

G Suite

We have introduced Gmail and all the suite’s features to the company for ten years. Since the G Suite is natively designed to work in the cloud, it is, by definition, perfect for sharing work. Among the features of G Suite, here are those that are of particular interest and that we use most.

  1. Gmail is a professional, ad-free email tool that allows you to use a personalized @companyname email address and provides efficient technical support.
  2. Storage: As anticipated, with G Suite, the storage space is greater than the industry average. It is, therefore, optional to periodically clean the mailbox to make space. If more than the primary 30GB is needed for some users, there is the possibility of adding extra GB just for these users.
  3. Calendar: as you can imagine from the name, they are online calendars designed for teams and for planning different activities.
  4. Documents: this functionality allows all participants in a shared project to connect remotely via any device, intervene to modify files (texts, spreadsheets, presentations), and view the changes made simultaneously.


Skype is software that allows you to call, video call, and send instant messages worldwide for free. It allows us to communicate with each other quickly, see who is free or who is working with another team, organize scheduled calls, and share the monitor with the people we are talking to. Today, there are other tools similar to Skype on the market, such as Slack, but at the moment, they still need to be expanded, which would hinder us from those customers who are still used to using Skype.


Toggl is an app for monitoring and reporting the time spent completing both client and internal work to keep track of our productivity and, therefore, be able to conduct analyses for future projects. It helps us be more aware of the time needed to carry out a particular task.

With Toggl, it is possible to create multiple projects for each customer, and each project can be composed of various tasks to have a detailed picture of the activities carried out. Furthermore, the convenience of this tool is that it is possible to assign projects to a specific team and have detailed reports divided by client, project, or period.


Teamviewer is remote support and control software. This solution allows remote access and support to provide instant help to your customers or colleagues. Technical difficulties are frequent, and being able to provide immediate assistance is an advantage.


Another tool we use internally and with our customers is PluriDoc, a web app we developed for managing and sharing confidential company files. PluriDoc allows you to create different channels, i.e., independent workspaces, which others can manage. Access to the channels and related documents is via invitation, and it is possible to manage viewing permissions for each file.

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