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PEC Multiple Sending: How Does It Work?

Offices, companies, individuals, and companies now use the PEC (Certified Electronic Mail), the system for sending emails which are thus equated to a registered letter with a return receipt. However, not all services connected to the PEC can support multiple PEC sending, i.e., intended for several people. 

However, this is a handy feature as it optimizes the working time and reduces energy pollution. Each email produces up to 19 grams of CO2, and eight emails pollute as much as a kilometer traveled by car. To find out how to send a PEC to multiple recipients without them being seen, use the services made available by Start-Up SRL, which provides special software for professionals, companies, and companies.

What Is The PEC?

Before understanding how to send certified emails to multiple hidden recipients, it is advisable to analyze what certified email is and how it is regulated. This service has become mandatory for professionals since 2009, companies since 2012, and sole proprietorships since 2013. The PEC gives legal value to emails and is regulated by the Decree of the President of the Republic n. 68 of 11 February 2005. The PEC send is accompanied by a time reference that certifies the date and time and therefore represents a specific and legalized proof.

Sending multiple PECs to different recipients is, therefore, a widespread practice. Still, as already mentioned, not all programs are equipped with the PEC can (blind carbon copy) service, that is, hiding the address of the other recipients of the message. Start-Up, on the other hand, provides this service, making life easier for professionals who don’t have to waste too much time sending the same email to multiple recipients.

MultiPec, Start Up Srl’s Multiple PEC Sending Program To Multiple Recipients

MultiPec is the Start-Up srl branded application that allows you to send a massive PEC, that is, to multiple recipients, and at the same time in BCC and therefore in blind copy to the recipients. Each recipient will, therefore, only see their email and will not be aware of the other recipients. The features of MultiPec, however, do not end here. On the contrary, this utility provides many other services to its users. 

There is the possibility to import all the recipients of the PEC from the Excel or OpenOffice sheet without wasting any time. After this operation, thanks to the filters made available by MultiPec, the various recipients can be divided in an orderly manner. When sending the PEC, it is sufficient to select all the recipients, only one or those concerned with a simple tick. Another useful function is the mail merge, which allows you to attach files and documents with a single click to multiple PECs.

The Advantages And Methods Of Using MultiPec

MultiPec, a desktop app, can be quickly installed on any Windows operating system. A one-off payment is required for the purchase and the prices, which can be easily consulted on the official website, are highly competitive. The use is practical and intuitive. However, users who have difficulty approaching the software can count on a good support team ready to accompany them in all phases: from installation to the use of the various services. 

By its multifunctionality, MultiPec is the right tool to improve the productivity of medium and large companies and, in general, for anyone who needs to send an essential quantity of daily emails. Among the main customers who have decided to use the services of Start-Up Srl are commercial and auditing firms, law firms, service companies, engineering firms, cooperatives, companies, and industries of the small, medium, and large dimensions.

How To Send Multiple Certified Emails With Aruba

Aruba, one of the cheapest and most intuitive certified email services on the market, is also the most used in the most varied sectors. With MultiPec, it is possible to send PEC massively with Aruba to multiple recipients. The software uses modalities, available on the official website page, to explain how to insert multiple recipients in an Aruba PEC practically and hastily. In addition to Aruba, the utility works with all the other central PEC managers on the market, such as Legalmail and Register to target the offer to a target audience as broad and varied as possible.


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