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Project Management Trends For 2023

Implement Projects Successfully

Companies, project managers, and teams use project management tailored to their needs for projects to succeed. This includes tools, methods, and techniques. These repeatedly change yearly – that’s why we show you trends in project management that you should use for yourselves in 2023.

Remote Work – Is It Still Possible Without It?

Location -independent working is no longer a rarity: whether from the office, home, or a place of well-being, such as your favorite café. Remote work is becoming increasingly popular. This is mainly because it offers the opportunity to combine work and private life better. Employers also benefit from this “new” project management trend. They are independent of location, give their employees more freedom, and thus gain happier employees. Implemented correctly, mobile working has more advantages than disadvantages.

Together In One Cloud

The use of cloud-based collaboration software is inevitable when working remotely and should, of course, be included in our list of trends in project management. Because especially when one half of the team is in the office, but the other half works from anywhere, team members still have to be brought together, and a smooth exchange is guaranteed. This works best with different tools. In addition to messenger services for fast, digital communication, project management tools also play a crucial role in project-level collaboration.

Digital Project Information Is Always At Hand

Project management software ensures that project information – through real-time recording – is immediately visible to all team members. Tasks can be created, documents added, and then placed on the colleague’s virtual desk in the home office with a click.

Everything Becomes Hybrid

The third project management trend that companies need to avoid: Because many teams only work temporarily from the office, there is a new fundamental concept: hybrid working. You can already tell that the different trends are almost all interlinked or built on one another. Hybrid working is a trend in the world of work that brings increasing challenges as companies have to unite teams – despite their different work locations.

This can be a stumbling block, especially in hybrid meetings. Because how do you ensure that employees (both in the office and at home) get the same conditions or have the exact requirements? Hybrid work will come to the fore even more in the years to come. Based on their previous experience, organizations now have the task of developing even more efficient solutions or optimizing existing ones.

Digital Leadership Is A Prerequisite

A digital leader is the trend par excellence: Just as digital tools have become indispensable in our everyday lives, digital leadership is also essential for good project management. Because a digital leader develops new working methods, breaks up outdated structures in companies, and relies on digital change. His leadership makes teams more agile, networked, and open to innovations. The modern manager sets a good example when dealing with digital solutions and relies on trust and personal responsibility in the team. Relevant decisions are now discussed at a team level and no longer decided by just one person. It’s always about finding a standard solution.

More Success Through Knowledge Management

The basis for getting better and better and not losing touch in this fast-moving world is lifelong learning. Knowledge management aims to build a database of knowledge that all employees have access to. This increases competitiveness – because ability no longer depends on just one team member – and is also the reason for innovation success and development.

The Advantages At A Glance

  1. Information is fast, location-independent, and available to everyone
  2. The duration of the training can be shortened
  3. Innovations are established more easily
  4. Employees act faster on their responsibility
  5. Supports ongoing training
  6. Growth and competitiveness are strengthened

Process documentation can also be best used in a cloud, which has the advantage that documents can be developed jointly and asynchronously. In this way, optimized workflows can create. This trend in PM additionally increases the quality of the work.

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