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Quality Management Software : What It Is?

What Is QM Software?

QM software helps organizations with the introduction of quality management (QM), the fulfillment of all requirements of the desired standard, and successful certification. With a suitable tool, all steps for optimizing processes, products, and services are mapped, checked, and documented. QM software enables a paperless QM manual, central knowledge management, and the necessary transparency.

If you want to introduce a corresponding quality management system (QMS), there are various approaches. The tool is suitable for all industries, company sizes, and various standards and regulations. It knows exactly what companies need for a successful introduction or further development and what examiners, auditors, and certifiers pay attention to.

Complete Solution For Your Quality Management

As a central contact point and source of information, the software bundles your complete documentation, e.g., as a paperless QM manual, and supports you in setting up and expanding your QMS. You get reliably to and through the certification and benefit from the advantages of a modern cloud solution (SaaS).

Intuitive Operation

The user-friendly interface of the QM software can also be used without prior knowledge or training. Getting started is easy thanks to clear labels and drag & drop functionality. You have all the important information at a glance: deadlines, comments, or priorities. This eliminates the email and Excel chaos as well as ineffective meetings. At the same time, you install another important component: transparency.

Transparent And Networked Cooperation

Knowledge management, transparency, and networked cooperation are powerful features for successfully introducing a QM system. To counteract, for example, employee fluctuation, burnout, or lack of motivation due to a lack of information, the required know-how should be secured centrally so that it is available at all times. You define all tasks and goals for your QMS, assign responsibilities, and structure the processes. This way, all employees know what must be done, when, and who is responsible.

All On The Same Level

Since QM software is a cloud solution, all your employees are always up to date, regardless of location or team. All changes can be called up immediately, and you and your team can react quickly, even to unexpected influences. Executors submit completed tasks for review, and those responsible evaluate the results, release them or give them back to the executors for refinement.

Traceable Communication

Your communication will also benefit from these advantages. Through comments and conversation threads, sharing with your team is:

  1. purposeful
  2. contextual
  3. understandable

You can also use @mentions to specifically address colleagues. Thanks to the extensive factor notification system, you and your colleagues are always informed about all relevant news – via a mobile app with push notifications, even in real-time. With these possibilities, you install knowledge transparency.

All News Is Sorted At A Glance

Communication becomes even more transparent with the actual newsfeed. All the news on your topics is summarized in context and real-time. If a team member changes the status of a task, uploads a document, or moves the end date, you’ll be notified immediately. In this way, you can keep an eye on the developments in all important projects centrally in one place. This makes the newsfeed ideal for regular comparison at the start and before the end of the day.

Highest Data Protection Standards

The introduction or adaptation can also involve storing sensitive data such as destinations, contacts, and personal information. That is why the issue of data protection is particularly important when it comes to quality management software. 

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