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The Alternatives To Google Analytics

Numerous information analysis answers for those searching for choices to Google Analytics: from HubSpot to Mixpanel, going through Woopra, Clicky and Chartbeat. Google Analytics is possibly one of the most valued datum examination administrations worldwide. The product permits you to screen a ton of data and gives nitty gritty measurements on guests to at least one site, their starting point, movement, etc. There are many other tools on the market: alternatives to Google Analytics, which often focus on aspects overlooked by the Mountain View giant. 

HubSpot bases its visit count on different elements than Google and can help you get numbers more in line with your needs. Likewise, Mixpanel extends its scope of analysis to the previous 14 months. Woopra is a highly intuitive web analytics tool which allows you to observe a “map” of accesses in real-time. Clicky can boast a free version, allowing the owner to enter valuable data. Finally, there is  Chartbeat, a data analysis software based on different assumptions from many competitors. This program forgoes the quantification of visits and focuses on determining visitor behavior. 

Alternatives To Google Analytics: HubSpot

HubSpot Marketing Analytics is software that deals with marketing automation in a rather broad way and allows you to develop multiple strategies. On the one hand, it will enable you to automate various activities :

  1. Sending emails
  2. Publishing content on social media
  3. Even calculating the ROI (Return on Investment) for a single operation

On the other hand, HubSpot presents rather in-depth online data analysis tools that substantially differ from Google Analytics. For example, the count of visits is based on accesses from referral domains and, therefore, can lead to results that are very far from those you might be used to. HubSpot also stands out for its lead tracking and lead nurturing tools that allow you to track the activity of each specific prospect. Even without setting goals, as in the case of Google Analytics. 

Alternatives To Google Analytics: Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a web analytics tool that monitors the various modes of interaction between a user and a product. It monitors trends in real-time and, in this way, can provide information on visitor behavior. The Mixpanel model is based on three concepts: that of a user, that of event and that of ownership. Events are significant actions performed by the user within a site or app. Properties are details about an event and the user who ran it.

Compared to classic programs for data analysis, it does not limit itself to monitoring predefined engagement measures. It also allows you to collect all the information accumulated about a user within specific profiles. Another distinctive element of Mixpanel compared to Google Analytics is the ability to analyze information that is distant in time. The software can recall data from the previous 14 months. 

Alternatives To Google Analytics: Woopra

Woopra is a web analytics tool that mainly studies and tracks website visits. One of its distinctive elements is live tracking, integrated with a particular Live Geographical View. With this map, it is possible to observe every visit recorded by the software. Then it is possible to access a more detailed data analysis: the browser and the operating system used by the user, his IP address, and the pages viewed. 

Furthermore, with Woopra, it is possible to assign specific tags to the visitors considered most attractive to keep them under control even more efficiently. Finally, Woopra is available for all major operating systems and is known as a plugin for WordPress CMS. Alternatives to Google Analytics: Clicky is also one of the data analysis programs that allow you to obtain a whole series of statistics in real-time. Its main distinguishing features are ease of use and the possibility of using a free version.

Clicky inserts a tracking code into the pages and, in this way, begins to count and analyze the visits. This web analytics tool provides numerous data in real-time, such as views and downloads performed by users. In addition, the software owner can also enter their data thanks to an internal API. The free version of Clicky allows you to monitor only one site at a time, with a maximum limit of 3,000 pages per day and some limitations in functionality. The Pro Platinum version allows you to monitor up to 30 websites, but users with higher needs can always opt for a customized subscription.

Alternatives To Google Analytics: Chartbeat

Chartbeat is a web analytics tool launched in 2009 and mentioned by major generalist news sites: Time to Chicago Tribune and New York Times. Chartbeat stands out from Google’s data analysis tools and many other competitors mainly because it monitors transit data. Usually, this program focuses on studying a user’s habits: to do. It analyzes the most used content within a page, a site, or an app

Chartbeat does not focus on quantifying generic visits but on qualifying how a user behaves: an aspect that has made it particularly attractive, especially for companies interested in using data for marketing or communication purposes. This assumption helps to understand why the different Chartbeat rates do not focus on the number of pages or sites to monitor but on the number of users per site to follow. They range from a minimum of 1,000 concurrent users for a maximum of five installable sites to 15,000 simultaneous users for 60 installable sites.


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