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The Best Gantt Chart Programs And Software

Supported platforms: Web, native mobile applications for iOS and Android operating systems. Float is a flexible resource scheduling software with the functionality of easy dragging, splitting, and duplicating tasks on the calendar. These features are helpful when you suddenly have to change project deadlines and requirements. Since its release, the application has undergone several fundamental changes. Whenever your schedule changes, it’s automatically updated in real-time to give everyone an idea of ​​what’s happening. Additionally, the tool allows you to duplicate recurring tasks and easily assign them to multiple resources simultaneously.

Main Features

  1. Drag-and-drop functionality for resource scheduling.
  2. They are splitting, duplicating, and moving tasks on the calendar.
  3. Task dependencies to indicate relationships.
  4. Absence and leave management.
  5. Workload visualization for practical assignment of functions.
  6. Resource usage reports.
  7. Third-party application integrations, such as; Slack, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Office 365, and more!
  8. Add unassigned roles and add them for future hiring, a delegation of tasks, etc.
  9. Set project budgets to your liking. Set them by hours, dollars, and forecasts based on your available resources.
  10. Monitor live activity through real-time tracking. As a project manager, you can see everything happening in the different project tabs and vice versa.

Other Additional Updates

  1. Capacity management
  2. You are importing public holidays based on your Team’s location. The holiday will be blocked on the calendar for affected team members, with the holiday name and location.
  3. It is displayed when you hover over the date.
  4. Set up a scheduled status to keep your team members in the loop. Whether you’re working from home or the Bahamas or perhaps out of the office for a day at a conference, adding a scheduled status in Float lets your team members know at a glance who’s working from where and where. When.
  5. User account settings: Notifications
  6. Stay updated with the latest changes to your schedule with in-app live notifications and optional email and push notifications. Get notified when you’re assigned a task, when one of your project’s tasks is updated or changed, or when a team member plans time off during your project dates. Notifications are managed directly in your account and Team settings.
  7. Third-Party Integrations – Float has a dedicated integration with Teamwork Projects. With a one-way or two-way direct sync, you can import your projects from
  8. Teamwork right in your Float calendar to start assigning tasks.
  9. Check live activity through real-time monitoring and notifications.

Float has undergone a considerable amount of improvements over time. The good thing about this application is its ability to scale as work progresses. Float has become a go-to platform for project managers and team leaders worldwide with an intuitive user interface, regular updates, and unwavering customer support. We’ve written an exclusive Float review to detail all the application’s features, performance metrics, and anything else that can take a project to the next level. Be sure to check it out here.

Gantt Chart Project Manager specializes in project management software used by companies such as Volvo, the United Nations, and NASA. Their Gantt chart software allows teams to plan, share, and assign work efficiently. You can also monitor performance in one view. makes collaboration easy: your Team can attach comments, files, and documents directly to the task line on the Gantt chart. When a team member updates an assignment, automatic email alerts are sent to update the right people at the right time. The cloud-based software can also import MS Project and Excel files and works on Mac and PC. Plus, it has all the features of Microsoft Project, but it’s more intuitive and easier to use. This means you can save time on training your Team.


  1. offers a 30-day free trial and has three pricing plans. Starter ($15 per user/month, start with five users)
  2. Create project plans: Manage personal projects using calendars, task lists, Gantt charts, and kanban tables
  3. Team ($20 per user/month, starts with ten users): Manage projects using calendars, task lists, Gantt charts, and kanban tables. Manage teams with spreadsheets, skill sorting, and vacation tracking
  4. Business ($25 per user/month, starts with 15 users): Unlimited access to all features plus product training and support. Manage a total number of projects.

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Liquid Planner

Liquid Planner’s approach to project management is unusual and new to the market. Unlike many other prevalent task and project management applications, LiquidPlanner primarily prioritizes tasks. It tops our list of the best Gantt chart software and is the Editors’ Choice for various reasons. Liquid Planner has built-in features like resource leveling and predictive resource scheduling, which are great for small teams and serve business needs.

The simple and elegant interface makes it easier to watch all your projects. Let’s talk more about the predictive scheduling feature of LiquidPlanner. It is a predictive algorithm with priority-based scheduling that automatically predicts resource availability and time to complete tasks. The algorithm calculates this based on best and worst-case scenarios. This is an excellent feature for those new to project planning and scheduling.


LiquidPlanner comes with two pricing plans:

  1. Professional – starting at $45 per user per month for teams of 5 (minimum) on an annual billing cycle, all essential features included.
  2. Enterprise – starting at $69 per user per month for teams of 5 (minimum) on an annual billing cycle, including advanced features.


TeamGantt is second in our list of the best Gantt chart software and programs. It’s a stress-free experience to manage project deadlines and schedule tasks with this tool. The application takes only a couple of minutes for any team to start. It’s easy to set up, and anyone can start using it immediately. Membership of TeamGantt gives you 30 days of unlimited access, so you can test this Gantt chart software before investing in it.

After 30 days, you can upgrade by paying or using TeamGantt’s free plan, which has some limitations. With TeamGantt’s free plan, you won’t get procurement and hour estimating tools, custom project templates, project history, essential time-tracking features, and more. Guest access to Gantt charts is also not offered in the free plan.


TeamGantt comes with these three pricing plans:

  1. Free – one project, three-person access, and basic scheduling features
  2. Standard Team – starting at $49.75 per month for the five-person Team on a monthly billing cycle, some parts are missing. The annual plan costs $39.50 per month.
  3. Advanced Team – starting at $74.75 per month for teams of 5 on a monthly billing cycle, all features included. The annual plan costs $62.25 per month.

Gantt PRO

You may already know Gantt PRO. It is one of the world’s leading tools for team collaboration, scheduling, and Gantt charts. With over 350,000 people on the platform, GanttPRO is a safe bet. Tasks, subtasks, milestones, dependencies, progress tracking, cost estimates, priorities, and more – all in one complete Gantt chart software to visualize team progress.

There’s also a built-in workload tracking and management module, which shows if anyone in your Team is overloaded or underworked. GanttPRO also provides several templates to give you an edge. Whether you are a software development team or have a product launch coming up – templates are well-defined and are a great help to get started.


GanttPRO is available with the following rate plans:

  1. Individual (single user plan) – $15/month, all GanttPRO features except team progress tracking
  2. Team (5 users and above) – $6.5/month per user, all GanttPRO
  3. Enterprise features – for more than 100 users, please get in touch with sales for inquiry


Our sixth recommendation for the best Gantt chart software is Wrike. Now, most of us are already familiar with this. However, Wrike offers everything to store as folders and sub-folders, so it may not be the best fit for your project management needs if you’re looking for a Project > Task > Subtask workflow. Wrike is broad project management software that large teams and organizations use for complex project management needs.

With the ability to meet all of these complex requirements comes the complexity of the tool interface. Wrike is challenging to navigate, and team onboarding could be challenging. However, since it’s one of the market’s most comprehensive project and portfolio management solutions, you can easily depend on the platform for all your needs, including integrating Gantt chart software into all your projects.


Wrike offers five different pricing plans. The details of these are:

  1. Free – basic features, small teams of up to 5 users, Gantt charts NOT included
  2. Professional – for $9.80 per user per month on an annual billing cycle. Added features and functions for teams of 5-15 users. Gantt charts included.
  3. Business – at $24.80 per user per month on an annual billing cycle. For teams of 5-200 users. Added features for branding and reporting customization. Gantt charts included.
  4. Wrike for merchants – at $34.60 per user per month on an annual billing cycle. For creative and marketing teams of 5 unlimited users. Includes Gantt charts, proofs, and approval tools. 
  5. Enterprise– customized prices, contact us for a request. It has advanced security and controls for teams of 5 unlimited users. Gantt charts included.

Easy Projects 

Easy Projects is a great project management software used by teams of all sizes to collaborate. Their website claims it can “Replace the clutter of spreadsheets, emails, and whiteboards with a simple workspace…” which it is. Easy Projects is simple and works well with everyone. It offers an interactive Gantt chart tool, which you can use to view team progress and manage and delegate work. The visual interface of this Gantt chart software gives you an accurate picture of each task, when it started, how long it was running, and exactly when it was completed. It also highlights task dependencies, which are critical to the lifecycle of a project. Its features include

  1. Change your project schedule
  2. Add or change dependencies
  3. View the critical path
  4. Track the progress of the project and activities


  1. Easy Projects is available with two price plans:
  2. Pros – starting at $24 per user per month. All unlimited, some features missing
  3. Enterprise – contact us for a quote. Unlimited everything covers all features.

Work Zones

Workzone is another excellent collaboration tool that integrates Gantt chart software into all of its project views. Includes a project dashboard where users can easily view projects listed by other team members, start and finish dates, task status, percentage complete, and more.

Another great feature of Workzone is its templates. You can set up your project or assignment once and save its template from repeating later. This saves a lot of time. There’s also a master group calendar for keeping track of all task due dates across all projects, which is a relatively specific requirement for business users who have to oversee many tasks and projects at once. Workzone ranks sixth in our list of the best Gantt chart software. 


Workzone offers three different plans, pricing for which is not publicly available:

  1. Team – all essential features, but advanced features are missing
  2. Professional – all necessary parts and custom hiring forms
  3. Enterprise – all basic and advanced features, including SSO, workspace groups, etc.
  4. I know, that’s it. 8 of the Best Gantt Chart Software Available Today. Which tool did you like the most? Do you have another device you would like to see included in this list? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll review it.

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