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What Amazon Dash Buttons Are And How They Work

The Dash Buttons, a great novelty introduced in 2015, now give way to virtual dash buttons and purchases via Alexa; it will no longer be possible to make purchases by physically pressing the button. You don’t become the fifth richest man in the world without having at least a few brilliant ideas. And that Jeff Bezos bears the name of Amazon, taken as a site to sell books, has become the most famous e-commerce portal in the world, with a turnover of close to one hundred billion dollars. But Jeff Bezos did not stop only at the idea of ​​becoming the largest retailer in the world. In recent years he has decided to diversify his market and launch Amazon in new adventures.

One of these bears the name of Dash Button, a device little more than a pill that allows you to make purchases on the e-commerce site by pressing a simple button. After the success achieved in 2015 in the United States, Amazon decided to launch the Amazon Dash Buttons in November 2016 for 4.99 euros. The buttons allow you to order a specific product using the user’s Prime subscription. With a simple touch, you can receive dishwasher detergent or diapers for your baby at home. The device works through the home’s Wi-Fi and is always connected to the user’s Amazon account: in this way, shopping becomes much easier and faster. Amazon buttons are primarily dedicated to those who do not have time to shop and fill the pantry for work reasons. Here’s how Amazon Dash Buttons work and what they are.

What Is Amazon Dash Buttons

Amazon Dash Buttons are special buttons that allow you to order a specific product by pressing a simple switch. The Amazon device is similar in size to the key used to access banks’ financial services and can be placed anywhere in the home. The Dash Buttons are not universal. Each one allows you to order the purchase of a specific item: there is a button to buy dishwashing detergent, pasta, biscuits, and many necessities. Fundamental during the day.

Each Amazon button costs 4.99 euros, but during the first order, you will have a discount of 4.99 euros, making the Dash Button accessible. One of the secrets to making the most of the potential of the devices is to place them in a place where it is easy to find them: for example, the Dash Button to order a pack of cookies is preferable to keep it in the pantry, so that when they are about to finish, press on the button. Button to see them delivered to your home the following day.

How Amazon Dash Buttons Work

The Amazon Dash Buttons can only be purchased by Prime users, the subscription service of the e-commerce site that allows you to receive the goods in a single day. After buying the button of your favorite brand, you can start the configuration with the home Wi-Fi to take advantage of all the features. The first step is to open the Amazon application on your smartphone (available for both the Google Play Store, App Store, and Windows Phone Store ) and access the My Account section. You will have to scroll down until you find the working dash Devices, and you will have to press Set up a new device. 

At this point, you will have to press the Dash Button for about six seconds until the blue light starts flashing: now you can choose the Wi-Fi network to associate the device with, decide the address where to send the products, and the configuration will be completed. To order a product, press the Dash Button and wait for the light on the device to turn green (if the light is red, it means that the operation was not successful) so you can check the confirmation directly on your Amazon account. Of the purchase. If the order is wrong, you will have a couple of minutes to cancel the reservation: each time you press the button, you must ensure that you have ordered the right product. Otherwise, we will see an object delivered to your home. Maybe we bought it the previous week.

Change The Product Associated With The Amazon Dash Button

For example, if you buy the key dedicated, you can associate a single product among those available to the button. Fortunately, the choice you make at the beginning is not eternal, and users can change it whenever they want. To do this, you need to log into your account, access the Dash Devices section, and then Manage Devices: a page will open where the user can select the product to associate with the button. From the Dash Devices section, it will be possible to change the payment method and the address associated with your Amazon “magic” buttons.

The Garbage Pail That Does The Shopping

In addition to Dash Buttons, Amazon has also launched Dash Replenishment in Italy, a service that allows users to order products when they are finished automatically. All this is possible thanks to the cloud service made available by Jeff Bezos’ company that helps companies to enable their products with connectivity to ordering items from Amazon once they are finished automatically. 

For example, GeniScanit is a device that controls the waste that people throw away. By placing the device on the home bin, it is possible to use the barcode reader to draw up a shopping list: GeniScan will note the missing products and automatically order them on Amazon. In recent months, more and more companies have been integrating Dash Replenishment into their IoT devices to offer an even more complete service. The Dash buttons are no longer on sale since the beginning of 2019 because they have been slowly replaced by Virtual Dash Buttons, Dash Replenishment, and purchases via Alexa.


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