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4 Amazing Reasons To Embed Instagram Widget On Website

Out of all the major marketing touchpoints, websites have successfully topped the list since it is the place where prospects get to know about a brand and how incorporating it would bring a difference in their routine.  However, it is essential to understand that brands need to create and display highly engaging content on their website to reap maximum benefits. In the middle of when brands were struggling to find meaningful content, social media marketing came into the limelight and proved to be a game-changer for most of them.

Speaking of social media marketing and social media, we can simply not ignore the relevance and significance of Instagram. Due to its massive user base, Instagram has become a preferred choice amongst all brands and marketers ever since its inception. This social media giant has become a breeding ground for not just marketers but also for its users to see and post a wide variety of content.

However, what is the point of keeping the content just on the platform, when it can be embedded on the website for incredible benefits? Are you confused about how it would help your business in the long run?  Make your way to the end of this post as you will get an insight into the biggest reasons why you should embed an Instagram widget on your website. 

What Is An Instagram Widget? 

Let’s start with the basics first. As the name suggests, an Instagram widget is a collection of Instagram feeds from various sources like hashtags, usernames, profiles, etc., depending on the user’s preference.  Using a responsive Instagram aggregation tool like Tagembed, the users can aggregate the content and improve its effectiveness and impact. The tool comes with various features that its users can use. 

Tagembed users can leverage the customization panel and style the Instagram widget by selecting multiple fonts, colors, themes, etc. Tagembed offers a content moderation panel for removing any unwanted or irrelevant content. Other tool features include advanced analytics, a solid back support team, custom CSS, and real-time automatic updates. Embedding an Instagram widget on the website has proven to offer incredible benefits to its users. Keep reading to know about the topmost benefits! 

Key Reasons To Embed Instagram Feeds On Your Website 

Increase Engagement Tremendously

Here’s a fun fact for you – a social media user, on average, spends more than two hours a day! We are sure this fact pretty much reflects how engaging and exciting they find the platform. Further, fetching and embedding such exciting content on the website can work amazingly well to keep the visitors glued to the website for a long time. Moreover, a high dwell time would automatically increase the engagement rate of the website as well. 

Build A Social Proof Of The Brand 

Instagram is a hub of User-Generated Content, i.e., the content created by the existing users of a brand. Every day millions of Instagram users post content in pictures, videos, GIFs, etc., by tagging or mentioning a brand. Displaying the validation of the customers on touchpoints like websites can work like magic to build a social proof of the brand. 

Boost Sales & Conversions 

Your potential customers are astute and do not fall for simply promotional content. One customer always tends to trust the word of another customer much more than a brand’s published content. Hence, embedding an Instagram feed on your website would instill faith and confidence in your customers about your brand, and they will be compelled to hit the buy button to make a purchase. Ultimately, it would lead to more sales and conversions. 

Improve The Appearance Of Your Website 

Being a photo-sharing platform, Instagram is one platform that is exceptionally stunning and has an overall catchy presence. On the other hand, your website also needs to be visually appealing to attract and engage visitors for a long time. When you embed Instagram feeds on your website, you will instantly see your website more well put together and more presentable than before. Additionally, people love exploring a good-looking website much more than a website that only comprises texts and no aesthetics. 

Final Thoughts 

This brings us to the end of this post, and we are sure that you must be all pumped up to try this fantastic strategy into your business right away. All your competitors are already ahead of the race by incorporating this move in their business strategy, and you need to begin immediately if you have not yet. Go on now, choose a suitable Instagram aggregator tool and enjoy the benefits.



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