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5 Ways To Find Customers Online

When I started working with the web, the scenario differed from what you see today. Businesses and professionals were wary. They looked at me as if I had just landed in a spaceship and spoken an incomprehensible language. It was somewhat true. Many technical terms that you tried to translate into Italian, but above all, many processes that at the time were difficult to understand on the fly. Today that is no longer the case. More and more companies are on the web and exploiting its potential by trying to find customers online.

Is Finding Customers Online Really That Important?

We are in a strange era. The economy sometimes rewards you; sometimes, it punishes you very heavily. The crisis, the crises, past and future ones, have had their weight. One cannot mortgage one’s fate based on the whims of the Spread; one must build a secure business, and to do so today, it is necessary to seize all the opportunities that the Internet offers.

I’m telling you as if I were talking to my best friend: having a website is no longer enough for you; it’s just the first step you need to take on the web to find online customers, but many other activities need to be done and that will allow you to keep your business or professional studio in good health. 

Therefore, the first thing you need to do is imagine your ideal customer; in technical terms, it is called buyer personas. What habits does he have? What do you prefer? What are the products he likes the most and so on? You have to draw a profile as detailed as possible; only then will you know how to address your target and start a truly effective web promotion activity. But I want to give you other tips that you can put into practice right away.

How To Find New Customers Using Search Engines

Normally, when we search for something on the web, we type our query and wait for the results. Once Google gives them to us, we search among the first two or three, at most those of a page, or if they don’t satisfy us or we have a lot of time, we get to browse the second one. If your business is on the third page of results, you will likely find few customers online. To be contacted, you must first be found.

Therefore, you need not only a marketing strategy that works, but you need to optimize your site so that those looking for something you can sell, whether it’s a good or a service, find you on the first page of the results. Optimizing the site requires specific skills, but even newbies can learn the basic skills to get right to work.

Acquiring New Customers With Social Media, How To Put An Extra Gear

Today social networks are really of great help in customer acquisition processes. As I told you before, however, having a clear target audience is important. The more your target is profiled, the more chances you have of contacts becoming customers, but above all, the more you know their habits, the more you know where to find them.

Social media is a great playground because people are more relaxed, looking for entertainment, and if you offer interesting things, they will likely choose you. Social networks are also a privileged place for user-generated content, that is, those posted by customers where they are the ones to tell about their experience with your company or your professional studio. This content is very effective because people trust what other people say.

Online Advertising

Advertising online is another way to acquire new customers. We have many tools, such as AdWords, from Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The best way to advertise online is to aim at your target audience; if you know who to contact, you can find customers online.

Leverage Word Of Mouth

Word of mouth alone, nowadays, is no longer a good marketing strategy, but if you use it together with other tools, it has good functionality. If you have satisfied customers, they will speak well of you and advertise for you. You can also consider launching promotions like the classic “Bring a Friend.”

Alliances Are A Great Way To Find New Customers

The saying “Unity is strength” is not just a saying; it is the truth. Find companies that offer complementary services to yours, work in synergy, do co-branding, and the results will be much more evident. If you are an SEO specialist ( SEO consultant ), you can collaborate with an agency or a graphic designer. Your collaboration will surely lead to great satisfaction.

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