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Add New Attendees To A Teams Meeting

Teams are Microsoft’s video conferencing program that is perfect for business. It permits you to add members to both moments and booked gatherings. Groups are the video conferencing program made by Microsoft and coordinated with various other Office suite applications. The ideal answer for anybody’s requirements to coordinate a gathering and, all the more, for the most part, permits you to monitor different aspects of your business. Teams are accessible in its basic version, and you don’t even need an email address with Outlook to join one of its video conferences. 

Participating in an external meeting simply by entering a reference name to identify yourself is possible. Alternatively, you can opt for one of the premium versions of the software. There are several tariff plans to choose from, and the features available to the user are constantly increasing. The same goes for the level of integration of the program with Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365). To start using Teams, visit the official Microsoft portal, and select the version suitable for your computer: for Windows, for macOS or perhaps for Linux. The various mobile versions are added to the desktop software, available for iOS, Android and all major operating systems. 

How To Create A Video Conference On Teams

From a technical standpoint, Microsoft Teams goes far beyond video conferencing. The program also allows you to communicate via chat and will enable you to share documents, tasks or appointments through the Office suite. That said, business users use Teams primarily for meetings. One-click to create a new one from scratch is just as easy to pin to a shared calendar. After starting the program (desktop version), look at the vertical column on the left side of the main screen. Here you can quickly identify items with dedicated icons: Actions, with a bell icon; Chat, with a balloon icon; Start Meeting, with a camera icon; Calendar, with a calendar icon.

Just click on Start Meeting to see the main screen change. At this point, all that remains is to choose one of the two options available: the one hand Immediate meeting, which enables the user to immediately contact those with whom he wants to make a video conference. Conversely, the next meeting allows you to fix a shared appointment on the calendar. By clicking on Immediate Meeting, you are immediately inside the video conference. The device will automatically activate the camera and microphone, although the user will still have the option to disable them at any time during the meeting.

How To Invite Other People To Instant Meetings On Teams

As soon as you create a new Instant Meeting, Teams should show an overlay window explaining the different ways you can invite other people to join the video conference. The first mode allows you to copy the link to the meeting: in this way, the user will have a specific URL, which can be used at will. He can forward it through instant messaging applications and insert it in the body of an email or any other more formal communication. The second option is linked to sharing via Outlook calendar. In this case, Teams will communicate with another famous Office suite program, making an appointment available to all who view the calendar in question.  

The third option allows you to share the meeting through Google Calendar. The concept is the same as above, but this time Teams will automatically integrate with the time management software made by the Mountain View multinational. This sharing will also allow all users who view the calendar in question to immediately view the video conference and enter it with a click. The last option allows you to share the meeting in progress through a preset email. This is a handy option in the business environment, especially in the case of video conferences involving the participation of dozens and dozens of people. In fact, with this method of sharing, it is possible to quickly send the same message to all the members of a specific address book. 

How To Invite Other People To A Later Meeting On Teams

If you decide to start a subsequent meeting on Teams, you must first set the date of the video conferences within your calendar. The title of the meeting is identified, and then the day and time of the activity’s start and end are chosen. To schedule the meeting on the calendar, click on the Schedule button. If, on the other hand, you click on the Add details button, you will be faced with a new window. Here you can enter mandatory video conference participants.

To add people, you don’t need to remember their email addresses by heart. Start typing the first or last name of the contact in question, and Teams will suggest answers identified within the user’s accounts. You can also select the time to send reminder notifications from the Meeting Details page. It is also possible to choose whether the video conference will be a unique event or whether it will be repeated over time. The Teams preset re-iteration options are: 

  1. It does not repeat itself
  2. Every weekday (Mon – Fri)
  3. Daily
  4. Weekly
  5. Monthly
  6. Annual
  7. Personalized

Finally, from the Details page, the user can enter a geographical reference location for the meeting: the address of the company he works for. In the same way, it can add a more detailed description of the event: a valuable aspect to set bullet points or perhaps to assign specific tasks to the various participants.


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