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Social Business: How To Advertise Your Company On Social Networks

Social Business: Why is it essential to use social media for a company? If you have asked yourself this question at least once, you are in the right blog! Today, in our advice to businesses section, we will talk about advertising on social networks and how to use social networks to sell or for work.

The social media marketing business has untapped potential for many entrepreneurs or business owners. The success of a company also happens through social channels. Being present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social networks is essential to increase your sales and gain greater online visibility. This is only possible with a correct marketing strategy. Let’s find out which social channels you should use for your business. 

Social Media Marketing Business For Advertising On Social Networks

Social media marketing is a tool available to entrepreneurs and managers to promote a company and related activities on the web. Markets are conversations, and if companies do not communicate, they become invisible, sinking into the deep web. Advertising on social networks to:

  1. increase the awareness of the brand or your brand
  2. promote products and services
  3. sell through e-commerce
  4. invite the user to your points of sale
  5. advertise your website and attract traffic

Advertising on social networks is interesting because it allows you to target your target without wasting energy and resources and obtain measurable results through the monitoring systems of the individual channels. Let’s find out which channels you can use to develop your social business!

Social Business Channels

Why Use Facebook?

Founded in 2004, it is a free social network connecting users and company pages. Having (and using) a fan page is helpful because:

  1. It helps you build trusting relationships with your customers. Relationships centered on the credibility of your brand. Having a good reputation and cultivating word of mouth are vital elements in increasing profits.
  2. Drive traffic to your website. Thanks to organic or paid posts (Facebook ads), you can engage and interact with your fans; you will also bring the public (users and potential customers) to your company website, where you can convert the contact into a request for information on your service or product.
  3. It is essential for customer service. Remember that people love to share their experiences about a product or service. Any untreated complaint or claim can develop into a crisis. The crisis is the failure of customer service.

How To Use Instagram?

Very useful, especially if you are a company that deals with graphics, visual communication, photography, etc. Because, in this case, the social business passes through the aesthetic side, the beauty of the emotion of its products and services. What does the success of this channel depend on? First of all, it’s intuitive and straightforward to use. It’s mobile, accessible, and creative. Small shots can be transformed into great masterpieces through photo editing because a picture is worth more than 1000 words. A study showed that over 86% of the world’s top brands have an Instagram account. How to use Instagram?

  1. Consistency and balanced cadence of your posts. Tip: develop an accurate editorial strategy!
  2. Quality of centers and hashtags used to avoid disappearing in the newsfeed. Tip: don’t forget to mention other people, followers, brands (@mention), and use the geo-tag if your business is purely local.

Twitter To Promote Events

Why use this social network for companies and advertising? It is a platform that allows you to reach the user in real-time. However, everything flows very quickly on Twitter. This channel is beneficial for press agencies with more interactions on current events. Big brands use Twitter as customer care or “listen” to what is said about them online. How to use Twitter to increase our business?

  1. Share only quality content.
  2. Frequently post or share other people’s posts.
  3. Shorten links due to limited space (only 140 characters for a tweet).
  4. Use Twitter for conferences and events. Users could ask questions and queries taken up by the experts during the debate.

Whatsapp Business For Fast Communication

Whatsapp business allows you to separate the personal profile (and therefore the messages) from work. Small and medium-sized enterprises can use instant messaging to communicate with their customers. Let’s see the main features of this messaging platform and why it can be helpful in your social business.

  1. Free application (active only for Android currently)
  2. It allows you to install both the classic and business versions with two different numbers on your smartphone.
  3. Active quick replies: welcome messages, reply in absence, service hours, or other to speed up communication.
  4. Statistics: you can view statistical data to refine your communication strategy.
  5. The company account is recognizable thanks to a distinctive badge and can be enriched with company description, website, email address, headquarters address.

Why should you install WhatsApp business? Over 700 million users use WhatsApp every month, which is the most widespread and used chat for messaging.

  1. Fast communication with customers and less formal than emails.
  2. Real-time feedback on messages sent, think of the blue checkmarks for reading confirmation.
  3. Whatsapp web speeds up contacts in the office thanks to its use from a PC
  4. Creation of micro workgroups or customers targeted by interest, location, products purchased, or services used.
  5. To monitor and quickly reach your sales force, consultants, or employees located throughout the territory.


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