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Amazon Echo: Turn On The TV; This Is How It Works

The Amazon Echo (Dot) is one of the most intelligent voice assistants on the market. Turning on the television is one of the most straightforward tasks. In this article, we will show you the commands for this.

Amazon Echo: Turn On The TV—The Preparations

It would help if you had a basic setup to get an Amazon Echo to turn on your TV.

  1. In addition to the Amazon Echo, you also need a Logitech Harmony Hub. This is a device that converts commands into infrared signals and can thus control your television.
  2. This hub must already be configured, i.e., connected to your WiFi and a Logitech account. You must also have created an activity within the Harmony app that turns on the TV.
  3. Finally, it would help if you had a smartphone connected to your WiFi network.
  4. The free Yonomi app must be installed on this.

Please Turn On The TV Via Amazon Echo: How To Set It Up

If all requirements are met, the actual setup can already begin.

  1. First, open the Yonomi app you just downloaded and create an account. Then, confirm the terms and conditions and allow notifications.
  2. Yonomi then searches for smart home devices in your network. The Harmony Hub usually cannot be displayed here, so tap “Add a Cloud Account.”.
  3. On the next page, select the entry “Logitech Account.” This should now also appear in the list of smart home devices. Then confirm with a tap on “Next.”.
  4. It’s time to connect the Logitech account with the Yonomi app. To do this, tap “Connect” and log in to your Logitech account using the selected login method. After entering your username and password, tap “Sign In.”.
  5. The Logitech account and Yonomi are now connected. Accordingly, the Harmony Hubs associated with the account should now also be displayed.
  6. Then, allow Yonomi to access your location; this information is essential for some routines.

Turn On The TV With Amazon Echo—Commands

After linking Harmony Hub and Yonomi, it is now time to define certain control routines:

  1. To do this, tap “Routines” in Yonomi’s start menu. Yonomi has set some standard routines outside the box. You can delete these if you don’t use them.
  2. You now have to create a new routine. To do this, click on the “+.”.
  3. Then came the routine, for example, “Television on.” You don’t need to define an event, so select “Add Action.”.
  4. On the next page, tap the hub you want to use to control your TV.
  5. The Harmony Hub is now part of the routine. Then, swipe “Power Off” once to go to the next option, “Start Activity.” Tap the word “activity.”
  6. Then, select the activity configured on the Harmony Hub to start the TV.
  7. The routine is complete; you can save it by tapping “Save.”.
  8. So, you have created a routine for turning off the television. The television should also be able to be switched on again.
  9. Tap the “+” again, and name the routine “TV off.” The word “off” must always appear in the name for communication with Alexa to be problem-free later.
  10. Then select “End Activity” under “Run these actions” and set the Harmony Hub activity again. Finally, save the routine.

Amazon Echo: Control Your Television Via The Alexa App

This completes the setup in the Yonomi app.

  1. Now turn to the Alexa app ( A(for Android) or for iPhone or iPad, open it, and select the “Skills” menu item.
  2. Enter “Yonomi” in the search mask, select the skill from the search results, and tap “Activate Skill.”.
  3. You will then be asked to enter your Yonomi account details.
  4. The Alexa app will then prompt you to search for new devices. You tap “Detect devices.”.
  5. Now, your Yonomi routine will be displayed on the SmartHome devices in the Alexa app.
  6. Both routines should be behind the one entry.
  7. You can now turn on your TV with the command “Alexa, turn on TV.” It works the same way when you turn off the TV.

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