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Canva: Impressive Images

Canva is a free application that allows you to edit images and create many graphic templates, from infographics to posts for Instagram and Facebook. For professionals, Canva is not always a professional option. Still, it is ideal for those who want to approach the world of graphics or who need to create posters, posts, or invitations fast, simply, and freely.

Canva is an application that allows you to create captivating graphics by providing users with a library of templates from which to take inspiration. Its strong point is that even those who are beginners, with a few clicks and minimal knowledge of graphics, will be able to create many different types of formats. For example, you can create curriculum vitae and cover letters with graphics that attract the attention of recruiters.

Or it can be used to create impressive images for your posts on social networks, choosing from formats already optimized for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Finally, it can be used to create brochures. Canva offers easy-to-use editing tools, such as drag and drop, whatever graphic document you need. With a few mouse clicks, you can drag blocks of Text or images and organize every visual aspect in the best possible way. Here’s everything you need to know to use Canva and create your favorite graphics.

How To Use The Canva Application

Canva’s application is very intuitive and easy to use. With drag & drop, it is possible to choose an element from the menu on the left and transport it directly within the project. Creating a model, even DIY, is straightforward. The functionality between the mobile app and Canva used by the browser changes slightly. The menu on the site on the left will be accessible in the app by clicking on the + icon at the bottom right. On the app’s main screen, you will find recent projects and all the models that Canva offers: posts for Instagram, stories, posts for Facebook, and logos.

Going down, you will see all the suggested models. On the main application screen at the top, you will find the applications of the various models. This way, you can search for eye-catching projects of a specific genre, for example, marketing or office, without getting stuck to the templates. As in the desktop version, the search bar is at the top with the camera icon to upload and edit a photo. At the bottom center, by clicking on Your projects, you will have access to the page with the collection of the user’s latest graphics.

In this screen, you will also find the items purchased within the application, the uploads made, and the favorites. By choosing the crown icon at the bottom right instead, you can access Canva Pro, possibly purchasing a premium plan. Canva’s design also changes whether it’s used on a smartphone or tablet. The application on an Android tablet or Apple device is, in fact, very similar to the Canva desktop version, with the menu on the left and the ability to immediately create a project by clicking on the button at the top right. 

The only difference is the lack of the menu at the top right with the ability to move between Plans, Models, and Instruments. Once you have chosen the elements that will make up the project, to position them, simply move them within the sheet or change their position. If you insert an image, you can apply effects or filters by clicking on the top left. You can adjust, cut, or flip the image and insert an animation if you want a multimedia project. You access a menu by clicking on the three dots next to the Animation button. 

From here, you can change the position of an element: by clicking on the Position button at the top right, you can move the selected element in front or back for the rest of the project. The more you click back, the more elements will be positioned in front of the selected element. By clicking on the roller icon, you can take an element, for example, a background, and copy it to the rest of the project, and with the pixelated icon, you can adjust the image’s transparency. 


Canva: One Of The Best Free Image Creation Software

Canva is one of the most popular applications for editing photographs and images, but above all, for creating impressive images for social media and websites. It is a very intuitive application, allowing anyone to use it without necessarily having to be a professional. To create a graphic, you can use the pre-set templates already included in Canva and customize them according to your taste and needs. Or you can start from scratch and create an image with the layout you want. If you have no ideas, choose from the models proposed: resume, business cards, A4 sheet, profile image for Facebook, post for social media, and many others. 

After choosing the Model that best suits your purpose, you can add Text, stickers, images, etc. Therefore, you don’t need to be an expert in the field to use this graphics application. One of the most popular features is drag and drop, which is the ability to take any element from the image library or upload a collection of our profile and drag it onto the graphics you create. The Canva application is accessible on Android and iOS, while from a PC, you can directly access the website or, if you wish, download the application for the desktop. 

Until recently, the application was more limited than the site: projects could not be downloaded, and some features did not appear. Now, however, the app has also been gradually updated and has all the features of the website, although using Canva with the touch makes the accuracy of the graphics more complex compared to the precision of the use of the mouse. Canva also has three paid versions, which offer users additional features that are very useful for professional users.

A Perfect Solution For Graphics, Websites, And Social Networks

Canva is perfect for amateur graphics and professional results applied to websites and social media. To use the application, you must access the app from a mobile device or the website if you use a PC and create an account. To do this, you must enter your email, choose a password and confirm the creation of the profile. After logging in, you must choose the type of user between student, teacher, small business, large business, non-profit or personal. It should be noted that if you are a student or a non-profit association, you can access the Canva Pro version for free. 

At this point, you can decide whether to start with a free trial of Canva Pro, sign up directly for a subscription or limit yourself to the features of the free version. Once inside the app, click on Create a project. When you create your first template, you must choose between different formats: social media posts, documents, presentations, events, announcements, wedding invitations, online branding, and many more. After choosing the format, you can move on to the Model. The templates are creations of a specific format already set, complete with photos and Text. 

Everything is packaged, yes, but customizable. For example, if you need a poster, clicking on Templates Canva will show all the different thematic types: from back to school to the lost dog, poster for an event, advertising, with photos, electoral, motivational, and so on. After choosing the Model, it’s time for the Elements. The Elements tab allows you to insert lines, geometric shapes, graphics, photos, videos, audio, tables, frames, and grids into the design. Canva’s library of elements is vast, so you must be very specific by typing exactly what you are looking for. The Uploads tab allows users to upload images, photos, symbols, or logos they own to their library and insert them later in the graphics. 

You can upload images, videos, and audio. From the Text tab, the user can insert Text into the graphic. If you want to create a text, choose whether to insert a header, a subtitle, or a body of the Text, based on the size you want to give to the Text. If, on the other hand, you want a combination of characters, going further down the tab, you will find many types of Text with particular characters, colored or even animated, to choose from. Clicking on the three dots under Text will open other Canva tabs. Photos allow you to choose a photograph from millions of free or paid stock photos. 

Recognizing them is simple: paid photos will have a slight yellow crown at the bottom right. In Styles, you can create accurate kits by choosing the suitable font and color palette; in the Audio tab, you can make your multimedia projects by choosing one of the many audio tracks present in Canva; in Wallpaper, you can choose from a myriad of animated backgrounds; in the Graphs tab you can choose the graph that is most suitable for viewing; finally, in Folders, you will find the purchases made within the app, your favorites and the folders that have been created.


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