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Complete Guide To SEO

Everything you need to know to place your site on the front page of Google in 2021. Is your site online, and the first page of search engine results is your top to reach? To start the climb, you need SEO. SEO allows you to work on the positioning of your site, have more visibility, and reach your customers when they need you. Discover all the strategies and tools contained in SEO.

What Is The Positioning Of A Website?

The ranking indicates where your site ranks in the SERP, that is, in the list of search results that a user receives when he asks a question to the search engine. Google periodically scans the contents of the web, detecting new sites or pages, in a process called indexing. Only later are the indexed pages placed in the search results list. This is where Google dictates how high a site should appear on the SERP. While this process is natural for Google, we still need to get him to notice new content. And let him place them among the first proposals. There are two main types of placement :

  1. paid – your content is served to the public through sponsored ads,
  2. organic – your content conquers positions in the SERP thanks to good keywords, themes, and SEO management.

You can prefer one way or another or make them work in synergy.

How To Improve Your Ranking On Google?

If you decide to invest in paid placement, you need to work on SEM. On the other hand, your weapon is SEO if you opt for organic positioning. In general, to be on the first page of Google, you have to give the people who visit the runners a good browsing experience. Such as? Here are three strategies that cannot be missed in any case:

  1. Usable and responsive site: Your pages must be easy to view and consult on any device, 
  2. Valuable and captivating content: Articles, videos, posts, and any material you share must be original and genuinely respond to users.
  3. Social network: Personalized pages help you make your contents known and circulated on the web to trigger direct contact with the public.

What Is SEM?

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the set of digital marketing strategies and activities that aim, on the one hand, to make the contents of a site exciting and, on the other hand, to make them visible to the most significant number of people on search engines. The secret to making the most of SEM is to create campaigns and advertising plans based on keywords. This way, you will be able to show your ad among the sponsored links.

What Is SEO?

From the English Search Engine Optimization, SEO is the set of all the optimization activities of a website aimed at increasing traffic from search engines to the site itself. SEO, therefore, teaches us how to convey high traffic of quality and quantity, using specific strategies to improve the positioning of the site in the search results.

Why Do SEO On Your Site?

The higher your site is in the search engine ranking, the greater its visibility and the easier it will be to choose by users looking for what you propose. And this is the primary goal of SEO, as well as the main benefit for your business. Let’s try to delve into the additional benefits you can get. Good SEO guarantees you :

  1. increase (profiled) traffic on the site
  2. consolidation of the corporate image
  3. confrontation and overcoming the competition
  4. Greater chance of closing sales. 

What Is An SEO Report Or SEO Audit?

You’re about to start SEO, but first, stop asking yourself: how is my site doing on Google and other search engines? This question will help you work more consciously and orderly to direct your efforts where it is needed.  An SEO report or SEO audit is precisely the analysis of the website in terms of elements that impact the positioning. It is a technical process that evaluates your site’s internal and external aspects.

In short, it is the set of techniques and tools that help you answer the question you just asked yourself. There are different types of reports, according to your needs. But to get started and get the big picture, you can create a basic account. Focus on these elements of the site :

  1. session
  2. visualization
  3. number of pages per session
  4. conversion 
  5. bounce rate
  6. Type of visitor.

How To Do SEO On Your Website?

SEO intervenes on all the most essential elements of the website that are analyzed by search engines. A good SEO strategy is based on three macro areas:

  1. Technical SEO
  2. SEO on content
  3. Social media SEO.

Technical SEO

This group includes all the elements that make each HTML page correct. Some of them are closely connected with the site’s programming and hosting. To do SEO effectively, we need to look at two main types of elements:

  1. internal (SEO on-page)
  2. External (SEO off-page)

What Are On-Page And Off-Page SEO Factors?

Two categories of elements and two steps for your SEO optimization. Start with this equation. In the first part, you will have to deal with the structural elements of your site; in the second, with everything external to your pages but which can contribute to positioning on Google. A well-structured SEO that brings good results can take hours, considering all the elements and factors to be evaluated. We want to help you with a first list that allows you to perform this activity quickly but still effectively and thoroughly.

On-page elements :

  1. Masts: An ideal structure includes a homepage that occupies the highest point of the hierarchy and is followed by the main categories of the site and, finally, all the pages that support the variety and favor its positioning.
  2. Meta Tag: They are the most important SEO elements of the site, the ones that must contain your relevant keywords and that, in effect, rank the pages.
  3. Tag heading: The heading tags are used to organize the paragraphs within the page and have a specific value for Google, which uses them to evaluate the content and understand the most critical words on the page.
  4. Pictures: The images should be optimized by inserting the keywords in the main title (title) and the alternative title (alt title).
  5. Responsive site: Now you can’t think of having a site that works only from the desktop. Make sure, therefore, that the site graphically adapts to all the devices on which it is displayed.

Off-page elements :

  1. Backlink: These are all links leading to your pages from the outside. They are the reference used by Google to understand the importance of content compared to other web content that deals with the same topic.
  2. Quotes: Even if no link leads to your site, Google notices every time your brand is named or mentioned in other areas, forums, and general on the web.

Who Are Your Online Competitors?

In this phase of SEO, the analysis of the competitors should not be forgotten. Who am I? All brands and businesses that rank for the exact keywords as you. More generally, a competitor is anyone who is ahead of you in the SERP. You have to understand how the pages of the competing site are built and evaluate what they have differed from those of your site, then find out if there are elements in common between the sites that rank better and how to use them to optimize your pages well.

SEO On Content

Let’s start from an assumption: your pages, articles, and content on the web aim to make you find your audience. Succeeding in this web venture means being ready when users look for what they need. When a user performs a search, also called a query in technical jargon, the search engine analyzes all the pages on its servers and chooses the ones it deems best based on various elements.

One of these is the correlation between the words used by the user in his search and the terms contained within the page. These words are not random, but they are your keywords or keywords. Those words express the essence of your content. Therefore, for each site page, you need to identify the correct keywords.

What Is SEO Copywriting?

Every type of content you post needs an SEO review. While it is true that when you write, you do it mainly for the public, it is also true that you must be noticed and liked by Google too. How to do it? Write quality text for the web, built around a set of selected keywords. In short, do SEO Copywriting. The two disciplines – SEO and Copywriting – develop on common ground, influencing each other and following specific guidelines and tools drawn from both worlds to improve page positioning. 

SEO On Social Media

Suppose SEO, in general, refers to positioning on the SERP when it comes to SEO for social media. In that case, the goal is to encourage interaction with the public and increase your authority. Social links don’t work directly on ranking, but generating valuable content on social media can drive traffic to your site and help your order indirectly. Assuming that you must never forget to post content regularly and that it is helpful for your audience, you must combine SEO best practices for each specific social platform.

What Tools To Use For SEO?

A site must also be imagined from the beginning according to the search engine and its requests. To help you in this task, which can be cumbersome, there are SEO tools that lighten your work and help you achieve excellent positions in the SERP. If you have a site and you want to improve its position, or you are thinking of creating one, among the best SEO tools and tools, you will find a wide choice for every need, but we advise you not to do without these:

  1. Google keyword planner: It allows you to work on keywords by researching how those keywords you are working on are perceived on the web. Unmissable in the keyword planning phase for a winning positioning.
  2. Google analytics: It is Google’s completely free monitoring service, which allows you to analyze user behavior on your site through a series of metrics and data collected. Evaluating the right metrics – KPIs – is a veritable mine of information to improve your optimization.
  3. Google trends: This free tool identifies the most searched and trending topics. It is a valuable aid in establishing your blog content and planning your editorial calendar.
  4. Google search control: An unmissable ally to better monitor and manage your site, both because it reports technical problems at the SEO level and gives valuable information on the most popular pages and content.

How To Do SEO On WordPress?

The approach to SEO is always the same for every site, whatever the platform on which it is published. Having established this aspect, it should be noted that what varies are the tools and possibilities offered by the different platforms. One of the most well-known and used platforms is WordPress. And if you built your site right there, you need to know that you can do SEO with the tools offered by the program itself. Among the plugins to download on your WordPress site, you will find invaluable:

  1. Yoast Seo: It is one of the main plugins. It suggests and fixes every aspect of SEO optimization and takes care of everything you need to write an article for SEO.
  2. EWWW Image Optimization: If you are having trouble uploading or resizing an image, this plugin will be your lifesaver, earning you in terms of loading speed and, consequently, improving your SEO.

Put all the SEO techniques into practice and use tools to be among the first proposals in the SERP. Also, remember that taking care of SEO means reaching this peak and consolidating this position over time.


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