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Content Marketing: What It Is

Content marketing is a technique that aims to achieve business objectives by creating content that can attract the target audience’s attention, involving them and guiding them towards conversion and the accomplishment of the desired action by the company or organization. It involves an intense conception, creation, distribution, and dissemination of communication channels such as social media, blogs, websites, applications, press releases, digital and non-digital sector magazines, and other types of publications. It does not have to do directly with digital marketing. Still, even before the advent of the internet, different types of content were produced to communicate with people and sponsor commercial activities. 

They were featured in magazines, newspapers, flyers, or guides that companies had to show their products’ features to potential customers and buyers. In 1996 Bill Gates uttered the famous phrase “Content is King,” emphasizing the importance of creating quality content to convey messages to your audience. The objectives that can be achieved by including content marketing in the digital marketing strategy are different. Through the creation of content, it is possible to increase the brand’s awareness and consumers’ awareness about its values ​​and mission. Quality content can increase the reputation of companies and give them authority in the sector to which they belong. 

By sharing posts on blogs, social networks, or other types of material, organizations and professionals can demonstrate that they are competent and up-to-date. Content marketing can help establish relationships with users and customers, stimulating interactions and creating engagement and a sense of community around a brand. It is the perfect strategy to get qualified leads and increase product or service sales. Content marketing has evolved and has changed tremendously. It is no longer just offline but has found ideal virtual spaces on the web in which to develop. First, companies still use blogs to communicate with customers and transmit important information, and then social networks. There is less intermediation, and communication between organizations and their target audiences is direct. 

A great advantage derives from this: companies are masters of the messages transmitted and can decide how to address their customers and what content to offer them. At the same time, they must be cautious and avoid transmitting unclear and misunderstood communications. At the base of the creation of the contents, there must be an in-depth analysis, which leads to defining not only what will be said, but also the tone of voice and the most effective style. Companies must be able to attract attention in a climate of high competitiveness, in which the points of access to information are numerous. The rumors and content on the web multiply, and the public, constantly targeted, has taken on an increasingly suspicious attitude.

As a consumer, you constantly receive input from numerous sponsorships and advertisements. Competition on the web has increased exponentially. To find your space and be able to get noticed, you need to be original and innovative. Companies, freelancers, and all types of organizations feel the need to rely on experts who are creative and who can share helpful and valuable information with the target audience. Companies cannot remain silent. They must give importance to their audience, intercept trends and hot and current issues, and be attentive to new needs. They cannot be left behind, but they must provide timely responses.

Content marketing is an inbound marketing technique since it does not interrupt people during their web activity, as with some types of advertisements. Still, it fits naturally and authentically, overcoming the barrier of skepticism. Large companies and organizations are constantly looking for effective types of content to publish. They can choose between texts of different styles and lengths, images, audio, video, infographics, and more. To decide which ones to propose to the public, you need to identify and establish the goal you want to achieve and the channel to use. In any case, the content must be of quality. Aware of the importance of producing valuable posts, companies are making more and more resources available, including experts in the field or relying on external agencies and professionals. 


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