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ExtraTorrent Proxy & Servers | Unblock And Alternatives In 2022

Extratorrent or Extratorrent Proxy website is the real deal, and its mirror is the most visited. Discover the newest music, movies, and more with the aid of this site. Extratorrent was first released in 2006, and its popularity quickly grew as a result of the capabilities it offered. The P2P sharing platform Extratorrent allows you to get your hands on the newest releases in music, movies, downloads, games, and more. Many torrent sites have gone down in recent years, making them accessible only via a proxy or virtual private network (VPN).

Through the unblock extratorrents method, these Extratorrent Proxy services provide you excellent access to the primary site. You can find the newest releases in film, music, and more by searching any of these sites. This Extratorrent Proxy server has unlimited bandwidth, allowing you to visit any website you choose. These proxies contain torrent and magnet links for a wide range of media. The most excellent part of the Extratorrent Proxy service is the comprehensive search features.

This function ensures that you can go anywhere and do anything without any problems. You can learn more about these proxy sites, the proxy mirror list, their search engines, unblocking Extratorrent, downloading Extratorrent files, gaining free access, and more by reading the article above. For that reason, we wrote this article just for you. If you are asking, “What are Extratorrent Proxy sites?” you should learn more about them immediately.

Discussing Extratorrent Search Engines

The functioning operations of extratorrent search engines are pretty quickly designed. The newest, highest-quality, freely-accessible stuff is available at lightning speed here. One of the most acceptable characteristics of the Extratorrent website is the regular publication of news and other timely articles. It helps make high-definition videos available, such as 720p and 1080p. As a result, it is safe to state that this app is helpful for quickly locating well-known pirate video content.

One of Extratorrent Proxy primary selling points is that users can access high-quality media quickly and easily, regardless of location or connection speed. Using ExtraTorrents to locate desired torrents quickly has proven to be a valuable service. The video content it downloads is high quality or freely accessible on the web. Compared to other BitTorrent services, ExtraTorrent stands out for its comprehensive collection of unique content.

Unblocking Extratorrent: What You Need To Know

Sometimes the site is active while browsing but merely blocking you. In these cases, you will need to use other strategies to access Extratorrent Proxy servers and download torrents.

Tor browser

Tor is a secure communication channel for anonymous use. In this approach, computers are networked together to share bandwidth and do internet research. The Tor browser makes it simple to access extratorrent proxies despite their blocking. To visit a website, type its address into the address bar of the TOR browser and hit the Enter key.

Installing A Virtual Private Network

We utilize proxy sites to access any blocked site in our country. The problem is that these proxy sites put our personal information at risk by forwarding it on. In a virtual private network, nothing like this could ever occur. A virtual private network (VPN) does not transmit any data, not even encrypted information. VPNs like TOR Guard, Nord VPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, and many more are readily accessible.

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ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites List / Unblock Extratorrent [2022]

  • https://extratorrent2.unblockninja.com/
  • torproxy.cyou
  • https://extratorrent.proxyninja.org/
  • Unblock extratorrents.it
  • extratorrent.nocensor.world
  • Extratorrent.g3g.guru
  • Extratorrent.mrunblock.fun
  • extratorrent.proxybit.cfd
  • Extratorrent.unblockproject.sbs
  • https://extratorrent.st/

Alternatives To Extratorrent Proxy [2022]

There are many alternatives for users, just as for extratorrent sites. The information on these websites is likewise of an excellent standard. Fear of viruses and other forms of malware is a constant concern for users. Therefore, the following are some secure alternatives to extratorrent.


If you are looking for the newest music, movies, and TV series, go no further than RARBG. It also provides access to software, games, and pornographic content. RARBG offers movies and TV shows in different bitrates and resolutions, from DVD rip to Blu-ray quality to standard definition to high definition (1080p) and beyond. RARBG provides a synopsis, screenshots, clean design, cover art, and pertinent details about its contents. To know about the characteristics, visit the official website above.


As with many other torrent sites, 1337x lets users download files via the bittorrent protocol and magnet links and can serve as an alternative to Extratorrent. Beginning in 2007, this was made available. It is often cited as a site appealing to a worldwide audience with up-to-date, original content. At the same time, 1337x is the primary domain, and proxy mirror sites like extratorrent Proxy also direct viewers to the actual content.

Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a popular torrent site where users can find and download the newest media. It offers media, including music, movies, TV series, and ebooks, in around 35 different tongues. It placed restrictions on the original site in 2018 to make room for its mirror domains. You can use proxy mirror sites to access the leading Pirate Bay site if you have trouble doing so.


After torrentz.eu, the primary site, closed down, this one took off. The site’s popularity grew over time. A metasearch engine, this website compiles millions of results from searches across many torrenting sites. Torrent Z2 is legitimate and secure since it does not host or transport torrent files.

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The yts torrent is an updated version of the ytfs torrent client. Free and easily accessible, this platform offers its users a wide selection of films. The videos on this site are high definition and compact in size. As a result, it is sure to get a sizable audience. Torrent enthusiasts worldwide flock to our site to get top-notch films with subtitles in their preferred languages.


According to its proponents, Torrent Download is a unique website equipped with metasearch technology. Torrents are organized into many groups to access freely. A court order has resulted in blocking access to this site in the United Kingdom. There have been no new bans on this website in other countries.

Kickass Torrent

Users know they can feel safe downloading from Kickass Torrent. It is probably the quickest place online to search through your whole collection of media. More than 150 thousand people have left evaluations, and you can benefit from their collective wisdom. These evaluations should be used as a guide as you navigate this website.


Torrent9 stands out from the competition because of its superior user interface and ease of usage. You can look through everything, from movies and music to TV episodes. No matter how often you put it to use, its flawless construction ensures trouble-free operation. Thanks to the available user support professionals, it is easy to get assistance if you need it on our site. Like Extratorrent Proxy services, Torrent 9 enables users to watch video content from various sources.


What about using extratorrent?

While it is not illegal to use additional torment for one’s use, it is illegal to distribute downloaded materials or make multiple copies without the owners’ consent. It is supposedly against the law.

What are the advantages of using a virtual private network to use an Extratorrent Proxy?

A virtual private network (VPN) is essential for browsing anonymous and secure torrent sites. With a virtual private network (VPN), you can visit your site from locations where it is blocked.

What exactly is extratorrent?

The answer is that Extratorrent was the place to go for media, programs, and even more. Before it went down, it had the highest rating of any torrent indexing website.

Does using an extra torrent pose any security risks?

The usage of a virtual private network (VPN) is necessary to access Extratorrent since doing so is currently banned in several jurisdictions.

Do the mirror sites for extratorrent have functioning links?

All Extratorrent Proxy websites operate, although they can block access in certain countries unless a virtual private network (VPN) is utilized.

Specifically, what is the most reliable Extratorrent Proxy?

Many extratorrent mirror sites we discussed above serve as proxy servers. There are other alternatives to extratorrent.


Extratorrent Proxy sites are helpful if you want to optimize your torrenting experience. These are some legitimate and popular options we covered above, and utilize them if you run across search issues. With these extratorrent mirror sites, you can finally enjoy the internet again. There is an area for user reviews where people can score torrents after they have downloaded them, so it is simple to identify any suspicious ones. This torrent website also has several properly represented targets. It is among the most trusted places online to buy and sell goods, and it is a significant hub for exchanging many different kinds of information.

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